Virtual PBX Phone System for Business

Jul 18, 2011

With advancement of technology, Internet-based communication systems are becoming popular day by day. An Internet based phone system such as a virtual PBX, can help businesses enjoy the benefits of a powerful business phone system, just like the ones used by big corporations. These pbx systems are easy to acquire and don’t require any additional investment on hardware or maintenance. That’s why more and more businesses are moving towards virtual PBX systems.

Virtual PBX System

A virtual PBX system will help your business in many ways. First of all, it will provide you a virtual business presence. Your phone service will be available online anytime. And no matter where you go, you will be able access it and answer your customer calls. Then, cost reduction. No need to spend huge sum of money on new equipments and skilled technicians. A single system can provide you all the required facilities, that is too at a fraction of cost that you could have incurred by installing a traditional phone system.

Hosted PBX system packages are highly scalable and they normally comes with add-on options. With growth of your business, your phone service demand may increase. But you don’t have to worry about installing a new phone system. A good virtual PBX system can easily expanded to meet all your phone service requirements. Also, a powerful phone system can easily help you in increasing both productivity and efficiency.

If you are looking for a hosted business phone system service provider, you can try RingCentral. They are offering virtual phone, Internet fax and hosted phone solutions. Their cloud computing-based business phone systems are highly sophisticated and extremely easy-to-use. They can easily assign your current phone numbers with virtual extension numbers and connect everyone in your business to a single local or toll free 800 number. These low cost, hosted phone services are ideal for small businesses and professional individuals.

The RingCentral Office pack comes in four different plans. The single user plan is priced at $49.99/month, while the 20+ user plan will cost you $19.99/month per user. Before buying, you can try their risk-free 30 day trial. The setup is easy and takes just a few minutes online. All these plans include virtual PBX, unlimited calling, unlimited faxing, unlimited extensions and free customer support. Visit RingCentral today and get a cloud-powered phone system for your business.

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  1. Janis on 26th Jul, 11 06:07pm #

    When I started my business, I did not want to use my home line so I signed up for a virtual phone service. My clients never know that I work from home because when you call my number, you hear, “Thank you for calling. Please enter the ext # of the person you would like to reach. Press for 1 sales etc. And all the calls are forwarded to my home line. I’ve been using a service called by COA Network,, for about a year. It was extremely cost effective and really easy to setup. I’m very happy with the service.They have a flat rate fee for unlimited calls to the toll free number and a ton of features.

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