How to use Basic version of New Yahoo! Mail?

Jun 20, 2013

In this article, we’ll discuss about the Basic version of Yahoo! Mail*. Love it or hate it, the new Yahoo Mail interface (released in 2012) is here to stay. As Yahoo Mail Classic is officially dead, you have two options in hand – get used to the new version or switch to a different webmail provider. But wait! If you don’t like Newest Yahoo Mail, try the Basic version once. It is not similar to the Classic Mail but still works better than default new version. Read on to know more about Yahoo Mail Basic interface and learn how to switch to it.

Yahoo Mail Basic

Full Featured and Basic Yahoo Mail

The New Yahoo Mail is now available in two versions: Full Featured and Basic. The full featured version is the regular version which you see and use after upgrading to new version. On the other hand, Basic is a stripped down, lightweight version which works even when JavaScript is disabled. There are many differences between the two interfaces. The default new Yahoo mail interface takes some time to load and may even fail to load in slow Internet connection or old browser. But Basic loads fast, even in old browsers. Default, full featured version display messages in an infinite loop (as you scroll down, more messages appear), while Basic displays messages with pagination (page numbers just like in old classic mail). Also preview pan in available in default version only.

Yahoo Mail automatically switched to Basic when there’s problem in Internet speed or when JavaScript is turned OFF. But you can also set it to load Basic version by default. Want  to switch to Basic version of Yahoo Mail? Follow the steps below.

Yahoo Mail Basic Version

How to switch to Yahoo Mail Basic version?

  1. Open Yahoo Mail web site in your browser and login with your ID and password.
  2. Once successfully logged in, look in the top right corner of the screen. There is a gear icon right next to your name. Move your mouse over that gear icon. A menu will appear. Select Mail Options.
  3. You’ll be redirected to Mail Options tab. In the General section, go to the Advanced settings. For the option Switch now, select Basic (default is Full featured).
  4. Refresh Required message will pop-up. Press the OK button.
  5. Now in the Mail Options tab, press the Save button.

Your settings will be saved and Yahoo will redirect you to inbox. But the interface will change to Basic version. Simple!

*Note: By Basic I referred to Yahoo Mail Basic interface, not the Yahoo Mail Classic.

13 Responses to “How to use Basic version of New Yahoo! Mail?”

  1. Buddy on 21st Jun, 13 04:06am #

    I was using both the new full version and the basic version. The basic was better to download the other POP email accounts. Well, then today, I can’t find how to get back to basic. It looks like the option is gone under the settings. Anybody else saw that?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 21st Jun, 13 06:06am #

      You mean Basic version of the New Yahoo Mail? If yes, follow the instructions in this article.

      This article is NOT ABOUT YAHOO MAIL CLASSIC. It is about Basic version of New Yahoo Mail.

  2. Jackson on 18th Jul, 13 02:07pm #

    Thank you! Those instructions worked. Now I can delete mail easier through the Basic version and emails load much faster.

  3. hf556 on 5th Sep, 13 03:09pm #

    Hi there,
    after following the instructions on this page, I have switched to Basic, but now, I want to switch back to full featured, and I’m having trouble finding how to do that.


    • Sandy Official Reply on 7th Sep, 13 07:09am #

      Hi, Thanks for your comment.

      It is easy to return to Full version of Yahoo mail. Look in the top right corner of screen. There is a link that says “Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail!” Click on that link. Refer the screenshot below.

  4. cloropea on 23rd Feb, 14 01:02am #

    I was happy when I turn to basic version but the problem is when I forwarded the email; there’s no pictures included just like the original?
    Pls help me:(

  5. cloropea on 23rd Feb, 14 02:02am #

    I like the basic yahoo version but the problem is when you forward the emails;there’s no pictures included just like the original? :(

  6. Janet Ryan on 21st Mar, 14 08:03pm #

    I HATE the new e-mail – in particular, when you want to forward an e-mail it is a mess. Please go back to the original one. I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

    • Chris on 22nd May, 14 06:05pm #

      It is one jacked up mess for sure

  7. Chris on 22nd May, 14 06:05pm #

    When I send E-mails instead of my name showing it has the words ME as sender, what the heck, when I check sent mail it also has ME as sender instead of my name Can this be fixed?????

  8. chipo on 15th Sep, 15 03:09pm #

    i can’t attach a file with my email

  9. Fariborz on 8th Dec, 16 06:12pm #


  10. Skip Heil on 15th May, 17 07:05pm #

    Question….. Does “Basic” Yahoo email offer a preview pane? I have searched the web without an answer to this.

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