Stargazing with Google Sky Map App for Android

Jul 14, 2011

The Sky Map is fun and informative Android application for stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts. This free app will let you identify stars and planets just by pointing your Android device towards the night sky. Sky Map uses the built-in compass, GPS, and clock in your device to display an annotated Sky Map of the area it is facing. When you move, the map on your device will also adjust accordingly. More than one thousand stars and all planets in our solar system are searchable and visible in this Android app. Try it today!

Google Sky Map Android App

What you can do with Google Sky Map Android app? Point your device towards a star and this application will identify it for you. Don’t want the automatic mode? No problem. You can explore the stars manually by move through the sky by touching the screen. You can zoom in and out, and switch various layers such as constellations, planets, grids, and deep sky objects. With the search function, you can easily find planets, stars and constellations. You can also use Sky Map to determine the locations of planets and/or stars relative to your own current location.

Google Sky Map will work on all Android-powered devices running Android version 1.5 or higher. For the automatic mode, it requires a compass. If your device don’t have compass functionality, this app will work in manual mode.

How to get it? Google Sky Map is a free Android application. You can download it from the official Android Market. Open Android Market on your device and search Sky Map or simply follow the link below to download it.

Download Google Sky Map for Android:


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