Metro UI on Windows 7, XP and Vista with Omnimo

Apr 6, 2013

Rainmeter is a powerful, yet lightweight desktop customization tool for Windows. If you were looking for a good Rainmeter skin, I suggest you try Omnimo. Fully open source and free, Omnimo is not just a skin but a powerful customization suite for Rainmeter. It is inspired by Windows 8 Metro UI and comes packed with Windows 8 lookalike layouts. In simple words, if you want an Windows 8 style Rainmeter skin, get Omnimo. Apart from the default layouts, there are tons features and customization options in this Rainmeter skin suite. All you need to do is use your imagination and decorate your desktop with your favorite skins.

Omnimo Windows XP

System Requirements for Omnimo:

Omnimo works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating system. Before installing this skin suite, Rainmeter version 2.2 or above must be installed on your computer. For skin panels which pull data from external sources such as RSS feeds or websites, a live Internet connection is required. Otherwise they won’t work. Note: Omnimo won’t work with portable Rainmeter install.

How to Install Omnimo:

  1. First download and install Rainmeter.
  2. Download latest version of Omnimo (look below for download link).
  3. Extract the package and run the setup.rmskin file.
  4. Rainmeter skin installer will appear. Keep all the defaults and press the Install button.
  5. Follow the Omnimo setup options. Select layout theme from WP7, Windows 8 and Windows 8 New. Select closest screen resolution.

How to customize Omnimo?

Omnimo Settings

So, you just selected a layout during Omnino installation but you don’t like the default skins. Wondering how to customize this Rainmeter skin suite? Read on to find some Omnimo customization tips.

  • Click the + button on the desktop. A dropdown menu will appear. Select Panels and all available panels (skins) will be displayed. Mouse over the squares to get quick details of each panel. Click on a panel you want to add. That panel will now appear on your desktop. To remove that panel from the desktop, click again in the square.
  • For text based panels, Click the + button and select text items from the menu. All text items such as date & time, RSS feed, system information etc., will be displayed. Select panels of your choice. Repeat the same to add more panels to your desktop. You can easily drag and drop each and every panel in the desktop.
  • For more panels, Click the + sign on desktop and select Extras from the drop down menu. All additional panel skins will be displayed. Warning: those listed on that section may be buggy. Use carefully.
  • Click the + button on the desktop and select Styles from the menu. There you can modify colors (normal, hover, text, text items & border), shadow, opacity and Font family. You can also turn on/off Aero Glass and rounded corner effects. There are already 20 preset color schemes for your skin panel. But you can also set color for each panel manually.
  • The last option in the drop-down menu is Settings. In that section you’ll find all the options found during installation of Omnimo. You can change layout themes, gallery theme, language, hour format, tray icons, arrow style etc. You can also specify weather location and turn on/off Fahrenheit for temperature.

So, did you liked this powerful Rainmeter skin suite? I’m sure you did! Don’t forget to leave your views and comments.

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