jQuery Miniature: Custom First Letter in Paragraphs

Jul 4, 2011

Want to add some style to your web page text content? What about starting paragraphs with a big and stylish first letter? That’d be great, isn’t it? Try new jQuery Miniature plugin that wraps the first letter of a paragraph with a span by adding a couple of classes. So, you’ll be able to customize the first letter of a paragraph. You can style the first character in the paragraph in many ways. For example, you can change the size, make it bold, change the color, add Cufon effect or insert a background image.

jQuery Miniature Plugin

How to use jQuery Miniature?

Simply select the paragraphs you want to apply with jQuery and call .miniature(). For example:  $(“p”).miniature(); where p is your tag containing text. To customize, all you need to do is edit the span.

You can customize the first letter by using:

  • pure CSS
  • background image
  • Cufon font replace

Download jQuery Miniature:



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