Image Zoom Effect with Zoomy jQuery Plugin

Feb 22, 2011

Zoomy is a quick and easy jQuery plugin that will let you add Zoom function or Zoom effects to your images. Zoomy is easy to implement and customize. You only need two copies of one image. One for the display image and the other for zoom image. Then link the zoom picture on the display picture, and tell the jQuery plugin to use that link when zooming. The Zoom effect activates on mouse over and displays the image with extra level of detail.

Zoomy jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

There are a few options that allow you to change the appearance and usability of Zoomy jQuery Image Zoom plugin. You can increase or decrease the size of the zoom object (default is 200 x 200 pixels). You can also turn on/off round zoom object effect and glare. By default, clickablitiy of the image is turned off because it would just go to the larger image. If you want, you can turn it on.

Zoomy can add some extra charm to the images on your web site. Try it today!

Download Zoomy jQuery Plugin:

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    • Jacob on 13th Mar, 11 01:03am #

      yes both versions work on ie 7 & 8. 6 there might be some troubles i havent got to test it on 6 too much but the newest version should be sound. :-)

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