How to remove VLC Player Santa Hat Icon?

Apr 13, 2016

Learn how to disable or remove the holiday icon or red Santa hat from VLC media player. During Christmas holidays, the VLC logo changes into a cone wearing a Santa Hat. It happens automatically and surprises many users. Basically it is a temporary and harmless change. But some users may not like it. If you find this little change annoying or offending, you can disable it. Continue reading to learn how to disable or remove the Santa hat from VLC player.

VLC Player Santa Hat Icon

The original VLC player logo is a construction cone or traffic cone. Marking the holiday season, this cone starts wearing a red colored Santa hat (just like the one in the screenshot above). The change appears on the eve of Christmas and lasts till the first day of January. So, how this works? The VLC santa hat is a date-triggered and time-limited change. That means it appears and disappears based on the current date. So, one can escape or remove the trigger by changing the computer’s date.

If the Santa hat icon on VLC player is bothering you, change the date on your computer to something before December or after January. And voila! The red Santa hat will disappear. But that is only a temporary solution. Also setting a wrong date might lead to some unwanted problems. If you want to permanently remove the Santa hat from VLC logo, follow these steps:

Steps to Disable or Remove VLC Santa Hat Icon:

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. Go to Tools and select Preferences from the drop-down menu. Alternatively use shortcut keys (Ctrl+P) to open Preferences.
  3. If simple preferences are shown, go to ‘Show Settings‘ in the bottom of the window and select All to open Advanced Settings.
  4. VLC Advanced Settings

  5. Under the Interface section, expand the options for Main interfaces and open Qt.
  6. In the Qt interface settings, scroll toward bottom and find the option ‘Allow automatic icon changes’. Uncheck (remove the tick or check mark) the checkbox to disable it.
  7. VLC Disable Automatic Icons

  8. Press the Save button.

After following the above mentioned steps, restart VLC player. You’ll notice the same old logo – the orange color traffic cone without any Santa hat.

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  1. JORGE REYES on 18th Dec, 17 11:12pm #

    no show all the list.

  2. JORGE REYES on 18th Dec, 17 11:12pm #

    the list “allow automatic icon changes” does not appear

  3. Ebenezer Scrooge on 20th Dec, 17 07:12pm #

    Thank you. I was looking for the Bah Humbug setting for ages, this hat nonsense irks me every year.

  4. El Grincho on 23rd Dec, 17 06:12pm #

    ‘tank you s’noir :D …me no likee tha bladdy santee class!!! …aaarrrrr

  5. Young Sam on 20th Dec, 19 10:12am #

    This was so helpful, thank you so much.

  6. Disgruntled Elf on 21st Dec, 19 03:12pm #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you :-) The hat was really freaking me out and Santa would not pay for more counseling ;)

  7. Al Manley on 3rd Jun, 21 02:06am #

    Thank You I Definitely do Not want any Pagan religious symbols!

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