How to Save and Delete Passwords in Vivaldi browser?

Apr 15, 2016

Learn how to save and delete website login details or passwords in Vivaldi web browser. Vivaldi comes with a password manager, which can store the username-password combination that you use to sign in to a website. Once stored, your username and password will be automatically filled in the login form the next time you visit that site. The passwords stored by Vivaldi can be easily deleted. This page will tell you how to manage (save and/or delete) passwords in Vivaldi browser.

Vivaldi Manage Passwords

Make Vivaldi save or store a password

  1. Open Vivaldi browser and open the login page of the website of your choice.
  2. Sign in as usual by entering your username and password.
  3. When you press the sign in / login /submit button, a prompt or dialog box will appear with the message: “Do you want Vivaldi to save your password for this site?” Press Save button in that box.
  4. Vivaldi Save Password Prompt

That will store your username password combinations in the password manager. Your passwords will be stored until you remove them.

How to delete a Password in Vivaldi?

There are different ways to delete stored passwords in Vivaldi. Following is the simplest way to do so.

  1. Open Vivaldi and go to Vivaldi Settings. You can use Alt+P shortcut
  2. Go to Privacy tab int he Vivaldi Settings. Locate the Passwords section. You’ll see the list of all URLs for which passwords are saved. Find the username or account name that you want to delete or remove. Move your mouse cursor over the account name and you’ll notice a cross (x) mark next to it. Press that cross mark.
  3. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the delete action. Press the Delete button.
  4. Vivaldi Confirm Delete Password

That particular username-password combination will be deleted immediately. You can repeat the same process to delete other passwords.

How to delete all the stored passwords in Vivaldi?

For privacy reasons, you may want to remove all the passwords saved by your browser. If you have used Vivaldi to store many passwords, the above mentioned steps will take some time to delete them all. In that case, instead of manually deleting them one by one, you may want to try a one-click solution. Try the following and remove your passwords with one click.

  1. Go to Tools menu and select Clear Private Data.
  2. The Clear browsing data window will appear. There are several options with check boxes. Make sure that Passwords option is checked (if not checked, click on the checkbox).
  3. Vivaldi Delete All Passwords

  4. Press the Clear browsing data button.

That will delete all your private browsing data including the passwords saved by the Password manager.

Deleting from hidden passwords settings:

The passwords saved by Vivaldi browser can also be deleted or removed from the hidden Password manager settings page. To learn how to open the hidden passwords settings, go to our tutorial on viewing stored passwords in Vivaldi. Once inside the Passwords settings window, go to Saved passwords section and select the password you want to delete. Then press the cross mark (x) that appears next to the password. That will remove the username and password combination.

8 Responses to “How to Save and Delete Passwords in Vivaldi browser?”

  1. Albert on 2nd Sep, 16 02:09am #

    Hi, my question is, if you click NEVER, how do you get back the offer again in the future?

    There should be a list somewhere where you can remove the site so that it offers again in the future…?

  2. marc jorgensen on 2nd Mar, 17 03:03pm #

    The link says nothing about how to add a login password. It says how to see the saved passwords but not how to add a website login password. Evidently I had not opted to save the password the first time I used the password.Now I cannot get Vivaldi to save it. Any help?

    • Kirsten on 9th May, 18 10:05am #

      Same here.

  3. Kirsten on 9th May, 18 10:05am #

    What about when the dialog box does not open and give you the option to save the password? Is there a way to save it manually like you can in Chrome?

  4. Butch Owens on 25th Sep, 18 12:09am #

    How do you set a user name and password so that when you open Vivaldi that it opens without signing in password Everytime?

  5. Baskar on 27th Sep, 18 05:09pm #

    I encounter the same problem. It offers to save the password for the first time. But, if you click “NEVER” by mistake, then it will never ask you again to save the password for the same website. In this case, how do I save the password manually as I clicked the “NEVER” button for the first time? In Google Chrome, it is possible even though you click “Never” in the first go.

    In simple words, leaving the vivaldi dialog box aside, how do i manually save a password for a website.

    • Debora on 4th Oct, 20 09:10pm #

      Did you ever manage to solve this problem? I’m having the same problem right now and would love to know!

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