How to remove a Stuck Pixel from an LCD Monitor?

Nov 2, 2013

Got a white or dark dot on your LCD monitor or laptop display? If yes, your display probably have a dead or stuck pixel. A stuck pixel is a bright or dark spot on an LCD or LED screen, which fails to change even when other nearby pixels change their color. It is a common problem in LCD computer screens or other color displays. A stuck pixel can be annoying, specially when it appears on main viewing area of the screen. Got a stuck or dead pixel on your computer screen? Want to fix that defective pixel? Continue reading to find a good solution.

Fix Stuck Pixels with UDPixel:

Now you can fix or remove stuck pixels with a simple program called UDPixel or UndeadPixel. It repairs stuck pixels by calling them to do rapid changes in color. UDPixel is a freeware application for Windows. It is small in size (72 KB) and requires no installation. Also, it is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is download it from the official website and run it continuously for several hours. The dark or white spot (stuck pixel) on your LCD or LED monitor will go away.

UDPixel Stuck Pixel

Stepd to remove Stuck Pixels with UDPixel:

  1. Download and save UDPixel on your hard disk. Run the UDPixel.exe program.
  2. On your first run, an interface will appear (just like the image above). There are several color buttons. To locate your dead pixel, you can press each button (color of screen will change). Or press the Run cycle button to cycle colors rapidly. If you already know the location of your stuck pixel, escape this step.
  3. Press Start button. You’ll see a small color changing or flashing square (just like the one pointed by the mouse cursor on the above image). Move your mouse over the square and drag it to over to the stuck pixel (white or dark spot on your screen). Minimize the interface and let flashing square will continue to work. Left it as it is till you restart your computer (you should let it run for at least 5 hours).

The default options are okay. But if you prefer customization, there are options to change flash size, flash interval and number of flash windows. Use the flash window option when there are more than one stuck pixels. Maximum number of flashing widow (square) allowed is 10. Available flash size options are: 1×1 and 5×5. The flash interval can be changed from 3 ms to 80 ms(default is 30 ms). If you want to start fresh, press the Reset button.

Can it guarantee success?

No, UDPixel can’t guarantee 100% success. But instead of looking at an annoying dark or white spot, you should try this application once. I personally used UDPixel on several occasions and results were always positive. What I do is run the program and select the stuck pixel manually. Then I let the tiny application run for more than 5 hours. The stuck pixel disappears.

Download Link:

UDPixel or UndeadPixel is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 8. It requires Microsoft .NET framework 2 or higher. You can get UDPixel from this official download page.

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