How to download Google Reader Data via Google Takeout?

Mar 16, 2013

Google is official closing Google Reader on July 1, 2013. This is a bad news, specially for those who prefer to read their feed subscriptions on Google Reader. Decline in usage and Google’s new approach to focus on fewer products are said to be the reasons for retiring Reader. Whatever is the real reason, one thing is certain: Google Reader will be discontinued  and millions of users will be without their favorite feed-reading solution. So, if you are a Reader user, start looking for an alternative. Either opt for email subscriptions or find a good RSS feed reader product. Moving from Reader to email subscription is not easy (even not possible in some cases). So, better go with a good feed reader. There are many web and desktop feed reader services and applications. Try some of them and pick the one which suits you most. Then if you want, you can import your Google Reader data to the new reader.

Google Reader

How to download Google Reader data?

Are a Google Reader user? Want to get a copy of your Google Reader data? Don’t worry! It is not yet late. You can easily download all your Google Reader data via Google Takeout. For your information, Google Takeout is an option to download a copy of your data stored within Google products. The Google Reader data will be provided in the form of XML and JSON files. Your subscription data will be in the form of XML file. Other data will be provided as JSON files. So, it will be an easy job to import your Google Reader data to an alternative feed reader product.

  • Follow the Google Takeout link on the bottom of this article.
  • Sign in by using your Google account ID and password.
  • You’ll be redirected directly to Reader product in Takeout. Data size will be automatically calculated.
  • Once calculation is complete, press the CREATE ARCHIVE button.
  • Your Reader export zip file will be created. Press the Download button below the file name.
  • As a safety measure, Google will ask for your password again. Enter your password.
  • Google may also ask you to verify your phone number. Let it send the verification SMS.
  • Enter the verification code. Once it is verified, your download will start.
  • Save and extract the export file. Use them for importing your Google Reader data to another reader product.

Google Reader Takeout

What you’ll get in the Google Reader export data?

Following Google Reader data will be included in the export files:

  • Your feed subscription data (subscriptions.xml)
  • List of people that you follow on Reader (following.json)
  • List of followers on Reader (followers.json)
  • Feed items you have starred (starred.json)
  • Feed items with comments (comments.json)
  • Feed items you have liked (liked.json)
  • Feed items you have shared (shared.json)
  • Items shared by people you follow (shared-by-followers.json)
  • Notes created by you (notes.json)

Link to Google Takeout:

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