How to disable Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer?

Apr 2, 2016

Learn how to disable Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer. Enhanced Protected Mode is a security feature in Internet Explorer, which was intended to help in enhancing your online security. It protects your system and personal data by isolating untrusted web content and also by disabling incompatible browser add-ons. If you want to use an incompatible add-on, you need to disable EPM in Internet explorer.

Disable EPM in Internet Explorer

What is Enhanced Protected Mode?

Microsoft introduced Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) in Internet Explorer 10. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, chances are more that EPM is enabled on your web browser (Internet Explorer). By default, it is turned off in Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In Metro style IE, this mode is always enabled.

How Enhanced Protected Mode works? It lowers potential harm caused by spyware, malware or malicious code by isolating untrusted web content. It restricts the browser from locations on your system which contain personal information. So, even if a vulnerability is exploited, your data will be safe. When this mode is enabled, extensions, toolbars and browser helper objects that are incompatible with Enhanced Protected Mode are automatically blocked.

Problem is that not all genuine add-ons are fully compatible with EPM. For example: Adobe acrobat plugin is not compatible. So, when this browser security feature is enabled, PDF files won’t load in Internet Explore. If certain add-ons or toolbars are not working in IE, you may try disabling EPM. Follow the steps below to learn how to disable or turn off EPM in Internet Explorer.

How to disable Enhanced Protected Mode in IE?

  1. Open Internet Explore and go to Tools menu and select Internet Options.
  2. Internet Options dialogue box will appear. Go to Advanced tab and scroll to find ‘Enable Enhanced Protect Mode‘ under the Security section. Uncheck or clear the checkbox.
  3. IE Enhanced Protected Mode

  4. Press Apply and then press OK.
  5. Restart your computer. Open your browser (IE). You’ll notice the difference.

Note: Disabling Enhanced Protected Mode increase the risk of installation of malware or other potentially harmful software. Disable it when for testing purpose and as a temporary measure. Don’t forget to re-enable it. To re-enable Enhanced Protected Mode, follow the above mentioned steps, but check the checkbox in step 2.

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