How to clear Vivaldi Browser History, Cache and Cookies

Apr 10, 2016

Learn how to manage and delete Vivaldi browser cache or private date. Like other web browsers, Vivaldi stores following information when you browse the Internet: browsing history, download history, cached files, cookies, form data, passwords and other data related to plugins and apps. These information are stored in your computer. For privacy reasons, you should clean your browsing history and private data regularly. Cleaning cache also helps in fixing certain browsing related problems. The following steps explains how to clear the cache and browsing history in Vivaldi browser.

Removing Vivaldi Browser cache

Delete Vivaldi Browser History, Cache and Cookies

  1. Open Vivaldi Browser.
  2. Go to Tools and select Clear Private Data from the menu. For reference, check the following screenshot.
  3. Clear Vivaldi Private Data

  4. The Settings – Clear browsing data tab will appear. In the first option, select a range. If you want to clear everything, select ‘the beginning of time‘.
  5. If you want to clear everything, select all the available options (Browsing history, download history, passwords, autofill form data, cached images and files, cookies and other site and plugin data and hosted app data). And if you want to keep the saved website login details, uncheck Passwords.
  6. Vivaldi browser Clear Cache

  7. Press the Clear browsing data button.

Manage Browsing Data in Vivaldi Browser

The above mentioned steps will help you in managing or completely removing Vivaldi browser’s private data or browsing data. In the step 3, you need to select a range for which you want to delete the cache. Available options are past hour, past day, past week, last 4 weeks and beginning of time. If you want to completely remove Vivaldi browser’s private data, select ‘the beginning of time’ in step 3 and select all options in step 4. This is the best way to clean the Vivaldi browser cache. But you may have used Vivaldi to store certain important data such as website login details (username and password combinations) or autofill form fields. If you select all options in step 4, you’ll never get the login details and/or form fields back. To avoid that, you need to uncheck Passwords and/or Autofill form data in the step 4.

To avoid saving browsing history and to ensure privacy, you can use the Vivaldi Browser Private Window to browse the web. To open a Private Window, use Vivaldi keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+N) or go to File and select New Private Window from the menu.


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    Wow, great, my browsing was so large about 600MB and it was slowing down my browsing. Thanks for this great tutorial

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