How to change VLC Player Interface Language?

Apr 13, 2016

Did you know that you can change the interface language in VLC media player? Currently, VLC supports all major languages including English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português, Italiano, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Russian and more. To change the user interface (UI) language in VLC, you need to go to the program settings and set the right language. The following guide shows you how to change language in VLC media player.

VLC UI Language

Steps to Change interface language in VLC player:

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. In the menu bar, go to Tools and select Preferences. Alternatively use shortcut Ctrl+P to open VLC player Preferences.
  3. If Advanced Preferences are shown, go to the bottom of the window and select ‘Simple‘ in ‘Show settings’. The Simple preferences will appear. Go to Interface tab.
  4. Under Interface settings, there is a Menus language option. Open the drop-down menu and you’ll notice a list of all available languages. Select the language of your choice. Example: we selected Français (as shown in the screenshot below).
  5. VLC change language

  6. Press the Save button and restart VLC player. You’ll notice that menu language has changed from English to the language of your choice (in our case, language changed to French).
  7. VLC player French

If English is not your first language, simply follow the above mentioned steps and enjoy VLC in your native language.

Changing VLC menu language to English:

Want to revert back to default language i.e. English? To switch back to default English, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Preferences either from tools menu or by using shortcut keys (like mentioned in Step 2 above).
  2. Go to Simple Preferences (if advanced preferences are shown, select simple in Show settings). Open interface settings and open the menu to set Menus language.
  3. Select Auto ( you can also select American English or British English).
  4. Press the Save button and restart VLC media player.

The VLC media player interface language will revert back to default language i.e. English.

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