Calibrate your Computer’s Monitor with Calibrize

Mar 27, 2016

For a better user experience and correct color reproduction, you should calibrate a computer’s display regularly. Learn how to calibrate your monitor or display with a free software named Calibrize.

Calibrize is a freeware computer monitor calibration software for Windows. It offers three easy steps to calibrate colors in your computer. Reads out the color data from your monitor and produces an ICC monitor profile. The custom settings are automatically loaded on startup.

Calibrize Screenshot

How to calibrate display with Calibrize?

  1. Open Calibrize. You’ll be greeted with a screen like the following. Press the Next button to start calibration process.
  2. The First Step calibrates Contrast and Brightness. You’ll see two images (one dark and one light) with a circle in center. Open the graphics control panel in your computer (Example: Intel Graphics Control Panel) and go to Brightness and Contrast settings. Change the contrast level to 100 or full. Start changing the brightness level while looking at the darker image (on left side) inside the Calibrize window. Stop when the black circle inside is barely visible and background looks solid black in color. Now readjust your contrast level while looking at the brighter image on right side. Stop when the circle is barely visible. Once you are satisfied with your Contrast and Brightness settings, move to second step by pressing Next button.
  3. Calibrize First Step

  4. The second step contains gamma settings. You’ll notice three colors boxes with a circle inside and a slider to change color levels. Adjust the slider in red color to make the circle blend with the background color (100% blending may not be possible, try to make it as close as possible). Repeat that for blue and green too. Once you are satisfied with the results, press the back button to make sure that brightness control is okay. If needed, adjust the brightness. Your goal is to obtain results mentioned in first step.
  5. Calibrize Second Step

  6. Press Next and again next. The third step will appear. There’s nothing to adjust or tweak. Just press the Save button and your settings will be saved.
  7. Calibrize Third Step

You should see the difference immediately. But reassure yourself, restart your computer. If needed open Calibrize and repeat the above mentioned steps.

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Why you should Calibrate your monitor?

The default display settings of a computer monitor are rarely the best. Moreover color reproduction degrades with time. So, you should calibrate your computer monitor regularly. Wrong display settings is also one of the major sources of eye strain. So, don’t ignore it and calibrate your monitor today.

Note: Software-based color calibration is not foolproof. Because software requires user input (feedback from our eyes) and eyes can be easily deceived. If you are a professional, go for hardware calibration with tools like Spyder from Datacolor.

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