Best Free Disposable Email Address Services

Apr 4, 2016

Need a temporary or disposable email address to use on untrusted websites? Want to save your real inbox from spam, phishing and other online annoyances? Check these free and awesome temporary or disposable email address services. Avoid spam in your inbox and also protect your identity and privacy by using these temporary email services.

Disposable Email Providers

What is a disposable email address?

A disposable email address is like any other email address. It can be used to receive and reply (in some cases) emails. But what makes it different from traditional mail addresses is that it usually has a limited life span. A disposable email automatically expires after a certain period. That’s why it is also called temporary email address. The life span of a disposable email depends on the service provider. It can range from few minutes to several months.

What is the use an email address or inbox that expires after some time? The idea was to provide one with an address to receive and send messages without exposing his/her personal email account to spam or abuse. This is a cool way to protect oneself from spam mails. Disposable or temporary email can be used in any website where email validation is required. But I suggest that you use temporary or anonymous emails only on untrusted, unreliable or spammy looking websites. For genuine, trusted and reliable sites, use your real address or it’s alias. Never user temp emails for banking or any other financial transactions.

Advantages of temporary email addresses:

  • Protection from spam.
  • Protection of your inbox from exploits.
  • Easy to use. No signup or registration.
  • Auto deletion after a certain period of time.

Disadvantages of temporary email addresses:

  • No future emails, as inbox expires after a preset time.
  • No past emails, because older emails are deleted after a time limit.
  • Privacy issues. Never use it to share sensitive information, specially when an easy to remember address is used. Example:

Best Disposable Email Provider List:

Guerrilla Mail:

My personal favorite is Guerrilla Mail. When you visit the homepage, a disposable email address is auto generated. Features include scramble address, compose mode, attachment support, choose from multiple domain names, add own domain name, Android app etc. It auto deletes all emails 1 hour after arrival.

Guerrilla Mail


Neat and simple temp email service. When you load the homepage, a temporay address is automatically generated. If you don’t like it, you can generate another one too. Your inbox is auto refreshed in every 60 seconds. Your inbox will be deleted the moment you close or restart your browser.


Temp Mail:

Another neat and free, temp email service. When the homepage is loaded, one address is auto generated. Simply copy it and use it anywhere. You can also choose a desired name for your address. Your email address will work untill you press the delete button.


10 Minute Mail:

Straightforward temporary email service. On load, it gives you an unique email address, which automatically expires after 10 minutes. Before expiry of your one session, you can ask for 10 more minutes.

10 Minute Mail

myTemp email:

Neat, modern interface. Like others, myTemp email gives you a free temporary email ID with private inbox. An unique ID is provided with each inbox. You can bookmark the URL of your inbox and access it later. Your inbox auto expires 24 hours after your last visit. Customization options include auto open links, sound notification, desktop notification and even custom domain.

myTemp email

Get Air Mail

Auto refreshes your inbox in every 10 seconds. So, no needed to press any button to view your email. Features include incoming alert, HTML email support, inbox bookmark link etc. Mails are deleted after 24 hours.

AirMail Temp Email


You need to select an email address in the homepage. YopMail inbox looks like traditional mail clients. Messages are kept for 8 days unless deleted by the user. Features include multiple domain names, custom domain support, email alias, HTML view, header view, send email (YOPmail only), print view, browser plugins etc.



Maildrop offers a modern interface. No passwords, no signups. Features include choose own name, email alias support, spam filters etc. Inbox without any email in 24hrs are auto deleted.



Tempail provides a disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 1 Hours. You can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.



Another free service, which offers unlimited inbox without any time limit. No registration required, simply load the homepage and you’ll get your mail address. Inbox will continue to work until you refresh the web page. Other features include auto refresh without reloading, one-click address generation, forwarding option, attachment support, sound on mail arrival etc.



Free service. Address expires in 15 minutes. Users can request extra minutes with just one click. It also support email replies.



FakeInbox is available in Dutch, English, Italian, German, Norwegian, Polish and Spanish. It comes with option to use auto generated or custom email address. Inbox expires after 60 minutes. Before expiry, user can ask for 60 more minutes to keep the inbox alive.


Trash Mail:

Trash Mail provides free disposable email inbox without registration. The user ID or username can be chosen by the user. It also allows users to create email addresses with password protection. Normal emails are automatically deleted after 24 hours, while mails in password protected accounts are deleted after 6 months. Other features of Trash Mail include ability to reply and forward mails, support for attachments and more.



Mailinator provides both free and premium services. On the homepage, it will let you choose a custom email address. You can also use the auto suggested email address. It is a receive-only service and also supports private domain names. The premium plans comes with more features. But free public email service is enough for the basic needs.


Another free temporary or disposable email service with https. The website interface is clean, modern and ad free. No signup required. Simply load the homepage, copy the email address and start receiving messages (or spam mails). auto checks inbox in every 10 seconds. So, no need o reload the page.


This is not an all inclusive list. It was compiled based on my own personal experience. This list is subject to change whenever it’s deemed necessary by the editor. Users may provide their own suggestions.

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