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Apr 3, 2011

Are you curious about the term Cloud Computing? Looking for cloud computing information? In this article I will try to discuss it in simple words. In short, Cloud computing is the delivery and consumption of IT services via the Internet. This technology allows businesses and individual users to access data or computer applications without any installation. Cloud Computing involves central remote servers where all subscriber data, applications or other information are stored and an Internet connection, using which subscribers can access their data or applications from any computer system.

Cloud Computing Information

While discussing cloud computing we must not forget to cover it’s different deployment modes. Mainly three types of services are offered by cloud computing vendors: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). SaaS is on demand software delivery mode. Here, clients are not required to install anything on their computers. They can obtain all the benefits of a software via Internet. PaaS is the delivery of a computing platform and solution stack. It provides all the facilities require to build and deliver a custom application or service. On the other hand, with IaaS, clients can avail the benefits of an entire computer infrastructure without buying any servers, software or networking equipments.

Cloud computing services are normally easy to implement and secure. First, you need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fees to your cloud computing service provider. Then you can access your service by using specific login ID and password. There is no need to purchase any hardware or install any software. Just buy and use it right away! This is a great advantage, specially for businesses. Cloud computing also offers flexibility in usage and reduces cost. Moreover, it can help improve productivity by collaboration. That’s why more and more businesses around the world are going for cloud computing.

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