Yahoo testing Search Pad

Feb 5, 2009

Yahoo is testing a new feature called Search Pad, which will help Yahoo Search users easily capture websites that they find during searches and organize that information to complete particular tasks. Unlike other note-taking tools, Search Pad will enable users to take notes without leaving the current page. And the interesting thing is that, the tool itself will try to figure out the purpose of your search!



How it works? Depending on many factors such as type of searches and time spent on a site, the Yahoo Search Pad will try to determine whether a user is attempting to simply browse a site, finding specific information, or collecting volumes of information on a single topic. Then this tool will help the user by automatically collecting visited sites, and providing tools to organize and add notes. Users can easily edit, delete, and re-order notes they’ve taken on a topic, and then print them out or email them to friends and family. One can also save the notes for later reference by logging in with their Yahoo! ID.

Interesting tool. Isn’t it? That’s why it is thought that Yahoo Search Pad will helps users in better management of search information and in online research. The Search Pad is currently in testing mode and is visible to only selected users. But Yahoo has released a sneak peek of the tool in the form of a video. You can watch it here:

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