World’s first Zirconia In-ear Headphones from Panasonic

Jan 9, 2009

Earlier this week, Panasonic announced world’s first Zirconia in-ear headphones, in an attempt to provide the music lovers the best sound output in a durable and stylish design. Zirconia is a white crystalline oxide of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and it is extremely durable. So, the new RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones will be scratchproof and ultra-tough.

Panasonic Zirconia In-ear Headphones

Panasonic announced in a press release that the the RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones will deliver ultra-clear sound reproduction with virtually no distortion. Thanks to the sound chamber made of Zirconia, which has less resonance than plastic or aluminum. The RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones are made of Neodymium magnet and they wll boost frequency response of 6Hz-26kHz for realistic sound with precision highs and rich low end. They have a sound pressure sensitivity of 100dB, impedance of 26? and 12.5 mm drivers. The cord in the new headphone also has a slider to prevent tangling.

The RP-HJE900 Zirconia Audiophile In-Ear Headphones will be available in two colors – black and white. They are expected to be available from May 2009, with a suggested retail price of $229.99. What you think about it? Is it cool?

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  1. Frank J on 10th Jan, 09 04:01pm #

    The frequency response of 6Hz-26kHz is outstanding when the human ear can only hear from 20-20k.

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