Solution to WordPress Blank Dashboard or White Screen Problem

Mar 23, 2013

Getting a blank dashboard after you log in to your WordPress admin area? If yes, your WordPress install is experiencing some sort of problem. Don’t worry! It is a common problem and can be fixed. Many people call it WordPress White Screen of Death. Because sometimes it is not just the dashboard, but the whole site may start to appear blank or white. Wondering how to fix the problem? Read on to find out more about  the blank or white screen problem in WordPress ans fix it by yourself!

WP White Screen Problem

The Problem:

You signed in to your admin area (located at /wp-admin) by entering your username and password. No error messages appear but your are presented with a blank or white WordPress dashboard. This is a common problem. It may or may not affect the front end, which means your visitors may or may not be able to access your pages normally. So, the WordPress white screen problem can be regarded as serious one and you need to act. How?

Why WordPress Blank Screen?

Unless you remember doing something, after which the white screen problem started to appear, no one can give you an exact reason. The WordPress blank dashboard or white screen of death may appear due to several reasons. For example:

  • Bad coding in WordPress themes (example: white space in functions.php).
  • Broken or incompatible WordPress plugins.
  • Corrupted or missing WordPress core files.
  • Inadequate or incompatible hosting setup.

The Solution:

In order to remove WordPress blank dashboard or white screen of death problem, I suggest you follow the tips mentioned below.

How to fix WordPress White Screen Problem?

  1. Activate the default theme: Blank lines or errors in functions.php file of a theme usually returns blank screen. So, try activating the default WordPress theme. To do that, access your WP install folder via cPanel or FTP and go to wp-content/themes. Rename the folder of your currently active theme. This will activate the default theme that comes with WordPress installation pack.
  2. Deactivate your plugins: Switching to default WP theme didn’t removed white screen problem? Try deactivating all your plugins. Access your WordPress folder either via cPanel or FTP and rename the plugins folder in wp-content folder. This will deactivate all plugins and usually solves problems like white screen.
  3. Manually install WordPress: Still getting the blank screen? I suggest you do a fresh install. Download latest WordPress package from, extract the content and upload everything except wp-content folder to your hosting space. For your convenience, you should keep the old wp-content folder as it contains your plugins and themes.
  4. Contact Web Host: If the above three tries didn’t removed WordPress blank screen problem, I think it is a hosting related issue. Check that your web host meets minimum wordpress hosting requirements (look below for the link). If everything is fine there, I suggest you contact your web host. Your hosting server might be going through other problems. Technical support team might be able to fix the problem.

Did the above mentioned tips helped you? Are you able to fix the white screen problem by following the above steps? Or, your WordPress blog is still suffering from the blank dashboard or white screen of death problem? Do give your feedback.

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