Windows XP repair with Reimage

Mar 24, 2009

Need a computer repair? Your antivirus software is not working? Want to remove spyware for your computer? Try Reimage, an innovative online repair tool for computers running on Windows XP, which can remotely diagnose and fix any problem related with the operating system. And the good thing is that during repairing no user data is touched and the repair is always reversible.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

How Reimage works? Reimage requires no download or installation. It runs inside your browser and an ActiveX agent is used to check the problems in your PC. Note that it works only on Windows XP and an internet connection is a must, as it is a web-based solution. Once it detects the problems in a PC, the repairing job is done by pulling fresh copies of system files or registry objects from a web repository. So, a high speed internet connection is always recommended. Repair speed can also be affected by RAM and Hard Disk space. Take a look at the Video: How the technology works and soon you will understand why you should use it.

What are the things that Reimage Home Edition can repair? Actually there are thousands of them. But, the most common and serious computer problems that Reimage fixes includes inability to reboot, inability to hibernate, blue screen errors, browser crashes etc. It is a perfect tool if you want to remove spyware, viruses or other malware from your computer.

Is it a free service? No. Reimage is a premium, web-based PC repair service. So, it comes with a price! The repair of a single PC will cost you $65 and for three PCs it will charge you $79. There is also a money back guarantee of 7 days. The price is nothing when compared with the faster and safer service provided by Reimage.

So, Reimage is a perfect tool for full and quick computer repair. It is web-based, secure and far better than other windows xp repair services. It is also a perfect tool for PC technicians as it automates the whole process of PC repairing and maintenance. In fact hundreds of PC technicians trusts Reimage when it comes to windows xp repair or full system recovery. For more information about the service check the Reimage blog or simply order a repair today.

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