What is plugin-container.exe?

Jul 6, 2010

Running Firefox web browser version 3.6.4? Ever noticed the plugin-container.exe process? Wondering whether or not it is a safe program? Read on to know more. Firefox 3.6.4 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users even when there is a crash in the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plugins. The crash protection in Firefox is provided by loading some plugins separately in a new process called plugin-container. So, that’s your plugin-container.exe.


How Firefox crash protection can help you? With crash protection on, if a plugin crashes or freezes, the main browser process (firefox.exe) will stay running but the portion of the web page controlled by that particular plugin will be disabled. It means, a plugin crash will not affect the rest of Firefox and you will enjoy uninterrupted browsing. Later, you can restart the plugin content simply by refreshing the web page.

So, plugin-container.exe is definitely not a malware. It has been added to Firefox web browser to make your browsing pleasant. You can safely let it run on your computer. Right now plugin-container.exe supports the following plugins: Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight.

11 Responses to “What is plugin-container.exe?”

  1. D! on 10th Aug, 10 10:08pm #

    that is great to read but it does make my computer very slow… . it is taking 50-69 unites (sorry i have no clue what name is it) of my cpu. no other program takes even 10..

  2. John on 19th Aug, 10 04:08am #

    I experimented by disabling plugin-container.exe process from withing firefox.

    After experimenting with the disabled situation (firefos 3.6.8) I have so far experienced 5 crashes in the last 2 days. Mind you I have 80 -100 tabs running (I work fast when undergoing web research).

    This is how I disabled it: http://www.technogadge.com/how-to-stop-firefox-plugin-container-exe-process/

    My little experiment has cautioned me to go back and re-activate plugin-container.exe process.

    Folks, try it, if your browser doesn’t give a stink then leave it disabled, otherwise, like me it’s better to have it running.

    But it is annoying to see 2 processes running – then again, Firefox with 80 or so tabs is gulping about 800MBytes of precious memory, what’s another 20 Mbytes – it’s really nothing.

    • justin on 12th Jun, 12 05:06pm #

      i love how you make 800 megs seem like alot, when i have 16 gigs o ram, and what the hell would u use 80-100 tabs for?!? i think that is insanity.

  3. don C on 6th Jun, 11 11:06pm #

    Norton keeps giving me an error msg that foxfire.exe is using humongous resources – 130 mg….

  4. oldrocker99 on 29th Nov, 12 04:11am #

    Linux users have had some recent success with a new netflix-desktop application, which returns a wine error (reported) with plug-container.exe. Others have had success; it may be that I’m not using Arch(?).

  5. Peter_B on 1st Apr, 13 08:04pm #

    Why are you running Firefox under Wine when there’s a Firefox package for Linux?

  6. Tim on 23rd Apr, 13 01:04pm #

    this is why ff has become the bane of the internet… switch to chrome…

  7. Ritu on 17th May, 13 07:05pm #

    Why they add such things to a perfetly stable application like firefox? Or it is a gift of open source development system? If mozilla continues to implement all suggestions & ideas, it is not long that we will see firefox with porn, torrent api, hacking tools, social network api (now available), chat engine and other crap which has no value for a general user.

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