What is Microsoft Safety Scanner?

Apr 15, 2013

Microsoft Safety Scanner is is a free tool for detection and removal for viruses, spyware and other malicious software (malware) on Windows computers. It is an on-demand virus scanning tool, powered by detection engine and malware definitions similar to Microsoft Security Essentials. But Microsoft Safety Scanner was designed to work as a temporary (disposable) virus scanner. Normally it shouldn’t interfere with existing anti-virus software (if any). Microsoft Safety Scanner automatically expires 10 days after download.

Why Microsoft Safety Scanner?

Before using Microsoft Safety Scanner, you should remember that it is not a full-fledged anti-virus application. It can’t offer realtime protection and expires within 10 days. So, Microsoft Safety Scanner is not an anti-virus replacement. The when should you use this tool? You should use Microsoft Safety Scanner only when you doubt a malware infection and want to scan your computer with another tool. The Microsoft Safety Scanner works with all modern versions of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7.

Microsoft safety scanner

How to install Microsoft Safety Scanner?

  1. Open official Microsoft Safety Scanner download link.
  2. Click Download Now button.
  3. Save the file msert.exe to a desired location on your hard disk.
  4. After completion of download, run the file.
  5. Follow the instructions and complete installation of the Safety Scanner.

You can run Microsoft Safety Scanner from the desktop shortcut. When the program starts, select Full Scan as scan type. Then press Next button and full scan will start. After completion of scanning, remove detected malware (if any).

Note: When a malware is detected or an error occurs while running the program, Microsoft Safety Scanner tool will send a report to Microsoft. A typical report includes following information: safety scanner version, file names, IP address, computer’s manufacturer, processor, operating system, success or failure of malware removal.

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