What is jucheck.exe process?

Mar 16, 2013

Did you noticed jucheck.exe process in the Windows Task Manager? What is jucheck.exe? Is it a safe process? If you are not familiar with the process jucheck.exe or not sure if it is a virus/malware, this article is for you. Jucheck.exe is a a part of Oracle Java application. It performs Java update checks and downloads available updates. So, this process is essential for automatic update of Java. Read on to find out more about jucheck.exe and decide whether or not to let it run on your computer.

The jucheck.exe Process:

The jucheck.exe is Oracle Java update verification process. This particular process ensures that Java software installed on your computer is up to date. It does so by checking for available Java Update. When available, the application will download the Java update files. It uses your Internet connection to check and download updates. Apart from jucheck.exe, Java Update relies on another process named jusched.exe. The jusched.exe is the scheduler process of Java Update.

jucheck.exe Process

When new Java update is available, a tooltip notification will appear on your computer screen. In order to install the update, just click on the notification window. If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems, then you may see User Account Control (UAC) consent prompt like this: “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” The Windows consent prompt appears when a user tries to perform a task that requires administrative access. Press the Yes button.

Is jucheck.exe Safe?

Jucheck.exe is a safe process. It is neither a virus, nor a spyware. It is just a part of Java update application. You can leave it running on your computer. If you are behind a firewall, getting notifications related to jucheck.exe is normal. Because the process needs Internet connection. When it tries to connect to Internet,  your firewall might ask for your permission. That’s normal.

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