What is File Extension WPS?

Apr 21, 2013

What is file extension WPS? How to open a .wps file? Commonly, the file extension WPS represents text documents created with Works Word Processor of Microsoft Works office suite. But other applications such as Kingsoft Office software, Rockbox music player firmware and Painkiller Overdose video game also uses WPS file extension for some of their custom files. Find below more details on the file extension and learn how to open or use a .wps file.

WPS File Extension
Microsoft Works Suite WPS file:

If you have a Microsoft Works Suite .wps file, you are dealing with a file created by a discontinued product. Files created with Works Word Processor has .wps extension. In order to open and use such a wps file, you need Microsoft Works Suite application. Some versions of such files can also be opened with Microsoft Word 2002 application. Alternatively you can use a WPS file converter.

Rockbox WPS file:

In case of Rockbox, a WPS file means a While Playing Screen (WPS) file. With WPS users can customize the look of their music player screen. So, if your .wps file is actually a Rockbox While Playing Screen, you need to use that on your music player with Rockbox firmware.

Kingsoft Office WPS file:

The Kingsoft Office is an office suite for Windows and Android. It comes with Kingsoft Writer, which is similar to Microsoft Word. The documents created with Kingsoft Writer has .wps file extension. So, such a document file with .wps extension can be opened with Kingsoft Writer. Alternatively you can convert the file to Windows Document file (.doc) by using Kingsoft Office.

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