VPS : Thinking beyond Shared Hosting

Jan 22, 2009

If you want to start and run a website within a tight budget, then shared hosting will be the first option on your hand. Shared hosting or virtual hosting is a third party web hosting service where the provider hosts your site for a monthly fee on their server, along with many other websites. As the overall cost of maintenance is spread among many people, the hosting price becomes very affordable. But, there are many drawbacks or limitations of shared web hosting. For example, your server’s performance can be affected when a high traffic website is hosted on the same server. And there may be some sort of limitations in bandwidth and memory use. That’s why shared hosting is recommended only when your site receives light traffic.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

So, what if you think beyond shared web hosting services? Well there are many options, if you are ready to spend a little bit more. For example, Dedicated server, colocation server and virtual private server services. If you are not yet ready to spend a huge sum, but want something better than shared hosting services, then virtual private servers (VPS) or virtual dedicated servers will be the right choice for you. VPS bridges the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting by providing customers with privately segmented portion of a physical server (that can run as an independent server) at a price cheaper than dedicated servers.

Not sure about where to look for a VPS? Give a visit to Rapid Switch.com, a leading hosting company in UK. Their VPS service will give you full flexibility and administrator level access to run your own applications and software on the server. They uses OpenVZ technology on RAID 10 SCSI hard drives located in multiple quad-core CPUs. They have five different VPS packages for different requirements. For example, VPS Starter with 384 MB RAM, VPS Standard with 512 MB RAM, VPS Professional with 768 MB RAM, VPS Business with 1 GB RAM and VPS Enterprise with 2 GB RAM.

What about the price? For a short period of time, they are offering servers for just £1/month. Is it not a steal? We are sure that you can afford this when you don’t want to compromise with limitations of shared hosting. So, contact Rapid Switch today and a VPS package for yourself. We are sure that you will get complete peace of mind!

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  1. Geek Mother on 29th Jan, 09 08:01pm #

    The Rapidswitch VPS comes with no control panel options whatsoever – so unless you know how to administer a server then you will be well and truly stuffed if you take the above advice.

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