Vaulty Free : Android App to Hide Images and Videos

Mar 16, 2011

Looking for a free mobile application to hide photos or videos? Want to hide images or videos in your Android device? Try Vaulty Free, an Android app that hides pictures and/or videos from your gallery. It is easy to use. Open your gallery, select the pictures or videos you want to hide and then select share & pick Vaulty to hide the respective media. You can access your hidden files anytime by using a password. The free version of Vaulty Free supports unlimited concealment but is supported by ads. Paid version is ad free and is hidden as a stocks application.

Vaulty Free Android App

How to add Media to Vaulty?

  1. Open the image and video gallery on your phone
  2. Select one or more pictures or movies
  3. Open the “Share” menu
  4. Select “Vaulty Free” or “Stocks” (For Paid version)

How to set a Password for Vaulty?

  1. Open Vaulty
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Select “Options”
  4. Tap “Set Password”
  5. Enter your new password in each of the text fields
  6. Press the “Set Password” button
  7. Now Vaulty will ask you for your password when you open it

Note: Free Version of Vaulty Android App displays ads. So, it requires Internet permission. No Internet permissions required for Vaulty Pro.

Download Vaulty Free Android App:

*Android Market Download Link

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