Updated Gmail App for Android

Sep 24, 2010

Google has updated its Gmail application for Android Mobiles. The new Gmail for Android comes with a couple of new features and improvements including message replies, Priority Inbox, access to quoted text, and more. It means, now you can do more with Gmail, anywhere, and any time!

Updated Gmail Android

Just like in the desktop version of Gmail, you can now view previous message content easily. Tap “Show quoted text” to reveal the previous message. As you scroll through a conversation, your most important message actions will now stick to the top of the screen, one click away, no matter how long the email is.

Gmail for Android now comes with limited support for Priority Inbox, which was recently added to Gmail. If you’ve enabled Priority Inbox via the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll see an “Important” label that shows all messages flagged as important. It means your important emails will always appear at the top of your main inbox. You can even add a shortcut to “Important” to your home screen.

The updated Gmail Android app is compatible with Android version 2.2. You can get it for free from the Android Market.

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