Tongue Twisters Android App

Jul 5, 2010

Love to play with Tongue Twisters? "There once was a two toed, she toad, tree toad and three toed, he toad, tree toad." Cool? Now you can enjoy funny and interesting Tongue Twisters right on your Android smartphone. Get Tongue Twisters app for you Android device and twist & tangle up your whole mouth with awesomely fun tongue twisters!

Tongue Twisters Android App

The free Tongue Twisters Android app contains many tongue twisters, ranging from easy to impossible. Enjoy all of them on your android smartphone. You can also send your favorite tongue twisters to your friends via SMS or Email.

To download Tongue Twisters Android app, go to Android Market on your phone, search for "Tongue Twisters" and click on "Install" to download the app.


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