TimeTo – jQuery Digital Clock Countdown Timer Plugin

May 7, 2013

Need to add a countdown timer to your web page? Why don’t you try a jQuery plugin such as TimeTo? Yes TimeTo, a jQuery plugin which will let you add a countdown timer or a digital clock to your document. Lightweight and fully customizable, TimeTo can be used for displaying countdown for predefined time and date. Alternatively it can be used for displaying a plain digital clock on a web page.

By default TimeTo jQuery plugin adds a digital clock which displays the current system time. But you’ll get tons of customization options to make it work according to your requirements. For example: you can set delay to specific date and time. Customizable options include font size, font family, language, color theme etc. You will also be able to add captions, display days and set a function to call when the countdown ends.

TimeTo jQuery Plugin

How to use TimeTo jQuery Plugin?

  • Download and upload the plugin files to your server.
  • Add links to jQuery library, jquery.timeTo.min.js and timeTo.css files on your document.
  • Then make the plugin work by using a code like following: $(<selection>).timeTo([options]);


timeTo: date,
theme: “black”,
displayCaptions: true,
fontSize: 48,
captionSize: 14

Objects supported by TimeTo jQuery plugin include: start, timeTo, callback, countdown, countdownAlertLimit, displayDays, displayCaption, captionSize, fontSize, fontFamily, theme, lang, seconds. Strings available for execution include: start, stop and reset.

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