The Robotic Plant that can emit Oxygen

Oct 18, 2008

The robot research laboratory at Chonnam National University, Korea, has developed a robotic plant that can function like a live plant. It can emit oxygen, aroma and moisture into the air. Can you believe this?  A robot that can imitate photosynthesis? That’s right it is a robot. Take a look at the picture.

Robotic Plant

Robotic Plant

The robot plant was developed by using normal characteristics of ornamental plants. It is 130 cm tall and 40 cm in diameter and consists of a stem, five buds of a flower and a pot.

Besides emitting oxygen, scent and moisture, the robotic flower plant can also respond to external stimuli by various ways. For example, if a person comes within a 40 cm radius of the flower, its special sensor perceives the approach, the stem of the plant bends towards the person, and the flower buds come into full bloom. And it return to the normal state, when the person goes out of it’s range.

What’s more? If you speak near the flower with a louder voice than a certain level, the flower buds will come into bloom and the stem will shake to offer you a greeting. When you will play music near the plant, it will start to dance with the beat.

In our view, this robotic flower plant will become an important part of interior decoration of future homes.  it can also be used to provide oxygen and fresh air in hospitals, offices and homes. What you think?


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  1. Prasant Kumar Patnaik on 26th Jul, 12 06:07am #

    The article sounds very high of its nature. Researches are going on to develop methods to generate more oxygen to meet to our needs. The details of the robotic oxygen plant may please be included in the article.

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