TeamViewer : Free Remote Control, Desktop Sharing and File Transfer Application

Nov 8, 2010

TeamViewer is a simple desktop sharing application for remote access and support over the Internet. With this tool (free version available), one can easily connect to another computer without worrying about firewalls, IP addresses and NAT proxy. The TeamViewer application can be used for remote PC control, remote presentations, remote product support and easy file transfer to and from a remote partner. It can also be used to control unattended computers and servers. The latest version of TeamViewer comes with VoIP (Voice over IP) audio and video capability.


TeamViewer is extremely easy to use. No additional installation is required. All you need to do is run the application on both sides and connect to Internet. With the first start unique partner IDs are automatically generated on both computers. Enter your partner’s ID into TeamViewer and you are connected immediately! You don’t even have to worry about firewalls.

TeamViewer desktop sharing application comes with a clean and easy to use interface. Before connecting, you get to choose whether you want to prove remote support, share your own desktop, or just transfer files without sharing your desktop. All versions of TeamViewer offers full file transfer with file and folder copy. TeamViewer optimizes display quality and speed depending on your network connection. For better performance, data is automatically compressed before transmission.

What about security? TeamViewer includes full encryption, based on RSA private-/public key exchange and AES (256 Bit) session encoding. It ensures full client-to-client data protection. To protect your computer  from unauthorized access, TeamViewer also generates a session password that changes every time you run the application.

TeamViewer is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and even iPhone. There is also a portable version, that can be run directly from a USB stick or a CD.

Download TeamViewer:

2 Responses to “TeamViewer : Free Remote Control, Desktop Sharing and File Transfer Application”

  1. chuck on 8th Nov, 10 04:11pm #

    Nice article, however, Teamviewer does require installation on both ends as far as I am aware. You have to install the app onto your client’s machine. If you’re looking for entirely browser-based solutions that don’t require installation, a nice alternative is Techinline ( I’ve been using it for about 3 years now and works like a charm for my computer illiterate clients

  2. Lena Benner on 9th Nov, 10 08:11pm #

    I have used TeamViewer basically to access media files on my desktop from my laptop. I understand that their is a paid version that has some significant differences from the free version. Does the paid version of the remote desktop software have any differences in terms of security from the free version.

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