Stop Plugin-Container in Firefox 4

Mar 24, 2011

Firefox browser is running slow? Too many processes when you use Firefox? If yes, you may need to get rid of Firefox plugin-container.exe process. You can easily do that by following my step by step guide to Stop Firefox Plugin-Container Process. Still no luck? Probably you are using Firefox 4. In that case, you need to follow some different step! In fact, many users asked me how to stop plugin-container.exe process in Firefox 4. This article is for those who wants to stop plugin-container process in Firefox version 4.

Firefox4 Add New Boolean - Stop Plugin Container

Steps to Remove or Stop Plugin-container Process in Firefox 4:

  1. Enter about:config in the Firefox address bar.
  2. Ignore the warning and go ahead by pressing “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
  3. Enter dom.ipc.plugins.enabled in the Filter field.
  4. One preference will appear. Change it’s value from true to false.
  5. Right click in the white space below Preferences Name.
  6. From the menu select Boolean under New.
  7. Enter new Boolean Value as dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npctrl.dll
  8. Then enter the boolean value as false.
  9. Repeat the step from Step 5 to add the following preferences: dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npqtplugin.dll, dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll and dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.nptest.dll
  10. Look at the screenshot. Once all preferences are set, restart Firefox. Browse Internet as usual. Now you should see the difference!

Copy the 4 preferences from here:


This fix worked for me. I hope it will also help you stop or get rid of plugin-container.exe in Firefox 4. Did it worked? Don’t forget to leave a reply!


Why I wrote about Plugin-container? First, let me clear you that it is not a Firefox speed improvement hack. This simple fix takes care of a Firefox related process called Plugin-container.exe. This process was supposed to protect you from Firefox crashes. But lots of people find it useless, as it consumes a lot of memory (when more than one plugins run in separate plugin-container process) and often leads to a frozen browser. You can free a good amount of memory by getting rid of Plugin-container.exe. If you are running a rig with huge amount of memory, ignore this. This fix may help those who have a slower or low memory computer.

I published this to help Firefox users (Windows and Linux). If you feel like it is not for you, just ignore it.


Some users complained that Firefox is consuming too much memory. Yes, it is. Firefox 4 has memory leak problems. I will try to write an article explaining how to reduce excessive memory usage on Firefox. Stay tuned!

This works on Firefox 5 too! If you want to disable plugin-container in Firefox 5, follow the steps above.

All users of newer versions of Firefox (up to version 20) should modify just one preference value. Just follow the first 4 points (1 to 4) in the instruction above. Ignore rest.

121 Responses to “Stop Plugin-Container in Firefox 4”

  1. X K on 24th Mar, 11 04:03pm #

    Thank you! Simple and effective!

    • Kevin Donnelly on 18th Jul, 11 04:07pm #


      It’s running better after taking your advise. I appreciate that you’ve made this information available.

    • Dan on 10th Aug, 11 09:08am #

      Hi guys! How do you stop plug-in container.exe in Firefox 5?

    • Bill Sattler on 7th Nov, 13 03:11pm #

      THANK YOU! Your suggested changes fixed the problems I was having with online video playback.

  2. LuLu Comer on 24th Mar, 11 08:03pm #


    Well Doggies !!! If ya’ll ain’t as sweet as cold watermelon on a hot day ! That seems to have taken care off the little plugin boogar ! I can’t thank ya’ll enough! I wish I could give ya a big ol’ slug off my little brown jug. So, here’s to you, Technogadge !

    Thanks a whole whoppin’ heap !
    The Hillbilly

    • extelman on 4th May, 11 02:05am #

      This fix is absolutely wonderful… I hope it does not have any side effects!!

  3. daywalker on 27th Mar, 11 05:03am #

    Thank you! Simple and Very useful !…

  4. lalilulelo on 27th Mar, 11 05:03am #

    Thanks for making an entry for FF4 :D

  5. sallu on 27th Mar, 11 02:03pm #

    Hey that’s a great tip! It solved all my troubles. No Plugin-Container.exe running with Firefox 4. Now enjoying faster browsing. Thanks a lot.

  6. Scott on 28th Mar, 11 05:03am #

    Worked Like A Charm!

  7. Sandy Official Reply on 28th Mar, 11 07:03am #

    Thanks for leaving your comments. I am glad that you people found it useful. Enjoy web browsing with Firefox!

  8. Antonio Pereira on 28th Mar, 11 08:03am #

    After a hard searching for the problem to the constant crash when flash player was activated in Mozilla your solution finally correct it. Thanks from Porto/Portugal.

  9. Stan on 31st Mar, 11 03:03pm #

    100% FIX!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot.

  10. Aubrey on 3rd Apr, 11 03:04am #

    Thanks! Easy fix and it’s like I have a new browser.

  11. Paul on 3rd Apr, 11 03:04pm #

    Brilliant! Absolutely amazing! This is perfect!
    Nice one Sandy!

    Apart for FF running slow generally – it used to almost grind to a halt when writing anything in Facebook. It was so painful – AAARRGGHH!

    But now… well – I’m going to blog/Twitter and FB your page here! :O)

    This is a brilliant fix and should be shared with the world!


    • Sandy Official Reply on 3rd Apr, 11 05:04pm #

      Thanks for your comment. And also thanks for sharing the info on your blog.

  12. pixel on 4th Apr, 11 03:04am #

    Thank you for this information, as I was looking for reason why Firefox 4 keeps crashing with Adobe Acrobat 10 and it’s driving me crazy. Excuse my ignorance, but before I go ahead and implement your advice, can you please clarify something – I am not sure if I do this, what happens to the plugins, will they work when I need them or are they disabled, I really don’t understand how it works. Thank you.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 4th Apr, 11 04:04am #

      Don’t worry. Those plugins will work. This fix prevents plugin-container.exe process. All those plugins will run normally within Firefox and not in separate processes.

  13. Reto on 6th Apr, 11 05:04pm #

    Wow !

    It works like a charm !

    When I installed FF4, a while ago, I wondered what was this plugin-container…

    today made a search on it and found your explaination and solution !

    Since then I configured it…

    and FX is really much faster… :-)

    Thanks a lot !

    I suggest you contact Mozilla and tell them to have that fix on their plugin page, it deserves it :-)

  14. kglad on 7th Apr, 11 02:04pm #

    thank you!

    also, stopped a problem with plugin-container.exe locking my flashlog.txt file so it couldn’t be cleared.

  15. Shan on 9th Apr, 11 06:04am #

    Just wanted to say thank you for saving my day! It works. But why only a few comments? Only these 14-15 people found it useful? I don’t think so. But there are some people who follows only the mass opinion. C’mon visitors. Leave your comments and help others.

  16. Anne on 9th Apr, 11 05:04pm #

    Your screenshot shows 4 entries but your directions create 5 entries. The extra entry not displayed in your screen shot is called
    Is this entry supposed to be added making 5 instead of the 4 entries?…. and what is the “nptest.dll” ? Thanks for all your efforts. Anne

    • Sandy Official Reply on 10th Apr, 11 07:04am #

      Thanks for your reply. I took the screenshot while adding the last preference so that users can see the right click options. You need to add 4 preferences manually. The first one (dom.ipc.plugins.enabled) is already there and all you need to do is change it’s value from true to false.

      For your information:
      nptest.dll is related to Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) test plugin

      and the others:
      npctrl.dll is related to Microsoft Silverlight
      npqtplugin.dll is related to Apple QuickTime
      npswf32.dll is related to Adobe Flash

      Hope this helps.

  17. Steve on 10th Apr, 11 12:04am #

    Installed FireFox 4 a day or two ago. Today it hung – I could hear noise from PC tower – Task Manager showed plugin-container.exe process using 50-70% of CPU. Your directions didn’t play out exactly for me. All 5 preferences showed up once I typed the first one into the filter space. dom.ipc.plugins.enabled was already false; the other four were true. One at a time I selected each of the other 4, right-clicked in the white space, then clicked on TOGGLE in the drop-down menu to change them from true to false. Seems to have worked. Thanks for the help.

  18. RobH. on 10th Apr, 11 12:04pm #

    Thanks for your efforts to help users everywhere! I came here because my Firefox seemed to hang on Flash games my kids use. It would lock the whole computer and the screen would take on a white veil. I uninstalled Firefox 3.6 and upgraded to 4. Also the same for Flash. However, still the same problem.

    Your solution sounds interesting, and I hope it works. Won’t know until the kids try to bring Firefox to its knees!

  19. Billbobaggins on 14th Apr, 11 02:04am #

    I was getting super pissed over the number of crashes I have been getting since switching to FF 4.0. I saw your guide, tried it, and it worked, no more crashes and I can finally get back to loving FF.

  20. juanlo on 15th Apr, 11 09:04pm #

    WOW thank you!
    worked great for me in 4.0

  21. nifty tips on 17th Apr, 11 08:04am #

    Thanks man !!
    I had very confused of plugin-container.exe appears everytime when I was trying to login my e-mail account, not other time. I have doubt that it is a Virus. So I search Google & found your blog solution here.
    Great, now problem is solved.


  22. anubis on 18th Apr, 11 01:04pm #

    I don’t have those on my FireFox4 ….
    Copy the 4 preferences from here:


    • Sandy Official Reply on 19th Apr, 11 01:04pm #

      You don’t have them. Because those are actually not present in FF4. That’s why you need to copy and add them one by one manually. Please follow the instructions carefully and add those preferences.

  23. dustov on 23rd Apr, 11 01:04am #

    Are there any downsides to permanently disabling this?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 23rd Apr, 11 03:04am #

      No downsides. You can safely disable it.

  24. Roberto on 25th Apr, 11 04:04pm #

    …I’ve always gotten used to laggy vids, slow loading and other crap, but getting rid of that pesky plugin-thingy was just AWESOME!

    Not only did it reduce memory/CPU consumption greatly, it also got my browser nice and fast :D

    Thanks a bundle. Serious respects and appreciation.

  25. Tina on 26th Apr, 11 03:04am #

    Thank you this was driving me crazy, it WORKED!

  26. Limundovac on 28th Apr, 11 12:04pm #

    Thx, very nice tweak.
    FF4 is now much faster
    and I got my memory back :)

    It was driving me crazy aswell :)

  27. saat00th on 29th Apr, 11 03:04pm #

    one problem for me, dom.ipc.plugins.enabled is not coming up, i get dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.i386 but not with out the letter and numbers at the end. any ideas? thanks.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 30th Apr, 11 06:04am #

      You are using Mac. Right? That’s why the difference. On Mac, before you disable it, check if you are running FF4 in 64-bit mode. If you are running it in 64-bit mode, switch to 32-bit mode. To do that exit Firefox. Control-click the icon. Then select “Get Info” and check the box “Open in 32-bit mode”. Now try setting the preference values false.

  28. mp on 3rd May, 11 11:05pm #

    Worked fine for me.

  29. brava on 10th May, 11 12:05am #

    obrigado power
    valeu mesmo , essa bosta de plugincontaminador.exe , estava matando o pc

  30. mark on 12th May, 11 05:05am #

    a little tricky BUT WORKS GREAT THAXXXX

  31. hernan on 17th May, 11 01:05am #

    It worked, however…
    my greasemonkey scripts for facebook are now not working.
    is it suppose to affect them?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 17th May, 11 04:05am #

      I don’t think that it will affect other scripts. Still, I will give a look. Thanks.

    • Julia K. on 13th Aug, 11 05:08am #

      My Greasemonkey scripts are working.

  32. Pedro on 18th May, 11 06:05pm #

    Thank you so much, it work well. Very effective! :)

  33. Mavra on 20th May, 11 07:05pm #

    How can we erase a value we put at about:config? If a mistake is made?

  34. bosanceros on 22nd May, 11 09:05am #

    thank youu!! it works great

  35. Kathleen on 22nd May, 11 12:05pm #

    Thanks so much. It was very easy to fix, with your instructions! FF4 was SO slow, before the fix, and I thought it was just my old laptop. You put a smile on my face today. Thank you for that. :)

  36. chad on 22nd May, 11 11:05pm #

    has worked great except for now i get firefox crashes on facebook apps. i uunderstand that the plug-in container was to keep it from that but all in all VERY HAPPY!! runs much better overall.

  37. Gez on 23rd May, 11 12:05pm #

    Excellent, simple and effective.

  38. Vic on 26th May, 11 02:05pm #

    Works well.
    Thanks, Technogadge! :)

  39. Me on 28th May, 11 12:05am #

    Not working. Ram gets full slowlier but in the end it ends up in a mess like always. I have over 700.000k with no addon and a fresh, empty profile. FF is quit a pain in da ass

  40. J on 1st Jun, 11 01:06am #

    I just followed your instructions to stop the plugin-container process in Firefox4, but now firefox.exe is taking up just as much CPU as plugin-container.exe was before. Any idea what I could try to fix this? I have about 10 tabs open in my browser window and am using Windows XP. Thanks.

  41. Dvorit from Israel on 6th Jun, 11 04:06am #

    Worked for me.
    Thank you so much :)

  42. Ernie Rael on 6th Jun, 11 11:06pm #

    Thanks, I don’t remember having a problem with FF3.6+, but FF4 has had a cpu problem for me. Now, with multiple windows and multiple tabs in each, the cpu is quiet when all is minimized.

    You mentioned an upcoming article about memory leaks. Has that happened?

  43. Didi on 7th Jun, 11 04:06am #

    I got rid of plugin-contaIner, but my firefox is not using an average of 90% CPU… mostly between 98% and 84%.

    I look forward to your posting a fix for this.

    I know I could use other browsers, but I hate all of them. When firefox runs well, it is golden. None of the others seems secure and all of them are clunky to work with.

    Thanks for this fix! Great job on the instructions!


    • kevlar on 9th Jun, 11 09:06am #

      it happens win i play vidios so i keep firfox runnin inna constant ‘private browsin’ state n close window after vid n re-open it

  44. kevlar on 9th Jun, 11 09:06am #

    THank you a great deal Sandy. no other browser compares2firefox,i was so down when it kept closing n freezing.

  45. Don on 12th Jun, 11 04:06pm #

    Thanks so much for the fix. Really too bad Mozilla screwed this up so badly; I had to stop recommending Firefox to everyone, simply because I don’t want to wind up having to make trips to all their computers to fix this. I’ll use it; but for everyone else, by by Firefox, hello Chrome. The average person isn’t going to fix this themselves. They’ll just move on to another program. Sad, Firefox used to be so good. Now it’s just another broken program that sucks.

  46. T.C. on 12th Jun, 11 11:06pm #

    FF4 is back to it’s old speed. Thanks for keeping me from going to another browser. Now if Mozilla will fix their fix, we can all be happy little FFxes again.

  47. Frank on 13th Jun, 11 06:06pm #

    it worked for me too, no noise now/running now, I am so glad I came through this.

  48. Ranj on 16th Jun, 11 08:06pm #

    that worked..tnx a ton.. :)

  49. Adrian on 22nd Jun, 11 12:06am #

    Same happened to me with FF4 and today when I downloaded FF5 I was hoping that this problem would be fixed. However, it persisted. Followed your FF4 instructions for FF5 and it’s now working beautifully. Thanks very much!

  50. Dragos on 24th Jun, 11 06:06pm #

    True, it’s working, but, now , if dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll is set to false, i can’t watch vimeo videos on firefox 5.
    If i set to: true, i can watch the videos from vimeo and other sites witch are using moogaloop player, but then the plug in container is active and again usig a lot of RAM and CPU.

  51. Sara on 1st Jul, 11 10:07pm #

    It worked! Thanks so much.

  52. rodney on 4th Jul, 11 12:07pm #

    internet speed is great but video sites like you tube arent loading well at all, any suggestions?

  53. mugiwara on 11th Jul, 11 09:07am #

    You just tooooooo AWESOME …dude
    Thanks a lot man !!!!

  54. CssTech on 13th Jul, 11 12:07pm #

    Work great even for FF5. Keep up the good work. You are a CREDIT to Technology!

  55. heshan on 16th Jul, 11 08:07pm #

    wow, thanks a lot!! recently i updated FF to
    FF 5.0.1, n “u kno what” happened to me, this still worked for tht too , ty alot ^_^

  56. Prathamesh on 18th Jul, 11 02:07am #

    Thanks very much u r genius

  57. lisa on 20th Jul, 11 06:07pm #

    i temporarily disabled this and can’t play my Facebook games. So I assume if I perm. disable it, same will happen?

  58. giorags on 21st Jul, 11 02:07pm #

    It helped alot. Big improvment

  59. Roderick McGwier on 30th Jul, 11 09:07pm #

    Worked great. Browser reloaded a lot quicker and web pages load faster too. Many thanks.

  60. no one on 2nd Aug, 11 02:08pm #

    OK, I was skeptical after reading all the glowing reports, but thought it would be worth a try anyway. All I can say is “WOW!”. If there were a Nobel prize for making life easier, I would certainly vote for you. I can’t thank you enough. YOU ROCK!

  61. Frank on 7th Aug, 11 10:08pm #

    I made a mistake,the last preference name dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.nptest.dll,has a string type instead of boolean.I can’t correct this please help.Thank you in advance.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Aug, 11 04:08am #

      In case of a mistake simply right click on the option and select ‘Reset’ from the menu.

  62. F J on 23rd Aug, 11 09:08am #

    I tried this in Firefox 6, but it seems the same as before. Actually now it’s slower than before and it takes a while for firefox to switch to another tab after I clicked it. The plugin container is gone, but firefox seems to be taking up most of the CPU whenever I’m playing a flash video (not youtube videos though, they seem to work fine). Maybe I should just try it in firefox 4 huh XD Thanks though. :D

  63. Thank you on 30th Aug, 11 05:08pm #

    Than you so much this works still even with Firefox 7 Beta and it sped it up so much now it almost never crashes!

  64. Martin on 14th Sep, 11 05:09pm #

    Hey, I used it but now my FF6 keeps on crashing, any possible solution for that?

  65. duicas on 18th Sep, 11 10:09pm #

    This Your help tutorial don’t help for problem with crashing firefox 6.2 with Adobe Flash Player 10.
    Please help!

  66. Sanjeev on 20th Sep, 11 02:09pm #

    For the folks asking about FF 6 and above, I use 6.0.2 and simply toggled the “dom.ipc.plugins.enabled” preference to “false.” It was set to “true” before I changed it. This has corrected the slow down problem for me. Hope it helps.

  67. duicas on 22nd Sep, 11 03:09am #

    Everything I did, everything dom.ipc.plugins.enabled is set to false and does not help. I have FF 6.0.2 and Adobe Flash Player 10.3
    Can You help me, please!?

  68. MistressPiece on 26th Sep, 11 06:09pm #

    Hi! Thank you ! This solution was perfect. My question is related to IE 8. My roommate still uses IE and has the same problem. Uses too much ram. Is there a solution for Internet Explorer 8?

    • Smoockn on 3rd Jan, 12 10:01am #

      Yes, change to Firefox ;)

  69. fqo63 on 5th Oct, 11 01:10am #

    Thank you!!!
    I applied this fix to Mozilla/Aurora V9.0a2.
    After about an hour of browsing, NO freezes.
    Prior to this fix, Aurora froze about every 3 to 5 minutes and stay frozen for 30 seconds to a minute.

    Thank you again. Too bad Mozilla couldn’t figure this out.

    • fqo63 on 5th Oct, 11 01:10am #


      It just froze on me. Oh well…it was a good try….

  70. Shimba on 10th Nov, 11 09:11pm #

    Thanx man. you saved my day. i was even thinking of reinstalling ubuntu but now i am good.

  71. Antarex on 23rd Nov, 11 09:11am #

    This works on Firefox 8 too!

  72. emmanuel on 25th Nov, 11 10:11pm #

    tried it on FF8, seemed to work out, but then I got one of those long freezes while loading twitter, couldn’t use the computer for over a minute.

  73. Kevin on 10th Dec, 11 09:12am #

    I have FireFox 8 and this is working well -thank you, your instructions are clear and easy to folow.

  74. Saira Ashraf on 14th Dec, 11 11:12pm #

    heyyyyy thnq sooooo much, it worked for me :D

  75. Freedom on 21st Dec, 11 08:12pm #

    This works, it makes the browser faster.

  76. PMM on 1st Feb, 12 02:02pm #

    Issue not resolved on Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit with FF 5.

    I completeed the instructions and this is how my FF configuration looks like:

    But even after several restarts, FireFox keeps blanking out and freezes:

    Could you please tell me if my issue would be caused by the Container or shall I further look for it somewhere else?

  77. Celi on 11th Mar, 12 11:03pm #

    Wonderful, quick fix that works. I’ve noticed the plug-in container.exe for sometime but they’ve never been a problem until today when fast as I cleared them with the task manager, they came back. Couldn’t run anything, I thought it was my Trusteer Rapport that my online bank recommends but I think I may have been wrong.

  78. R James on 18th Mar, 12 05:03pm #

    Do I still need the plugin-container.exe for FF 11.0+?

    • Sandy Official Reply on 19th Mar, 12 06:03am #

      It is still there in Firefox 11. If you face any problem with plugin-container.exe, you can disable it. No security, privacy or stability issues involved here. Also, you can revert back anytime to original FF settings.

      For that, you can simply toggle the value for dom.ipc.plugins.enabled (it is already there, no need to enter a new boolean) to False.

  79. smitty on 28th Mar, 12 09:03am #

    Thanks a heap…worked like a charm

  80. Snake99 on 5th Jun, 12 04:06am #

    There is a conspiracy to try to fool people into upgrading to a newer computer unnecessarily, I totally believe that’s all this type of nonsense is.

    • Sandy Official Reply on 5th Jun, 12 02:06pm #

      Am I trying to sell you something? Am I asking you to buy a new computer? What you mean by nonsense or conspiracy? Can you explain please?

      Users are facing this problem and that’s why they are coming to this page via Google and other search engines. The tip in this article involves a simple tweak of Firefox default settings. No registry changes, no instructions to use new software. Moreover, one can easily go back to default firefox settings. Now where you saw conspiracy?

      • John on 7th Oct, 12 08:10pm #

        I think Snake99 was talking about the plugin container problem itself, not your fix for it. You have to figure that when they are putting in a feature that they know uses a huge amount of resources, and which is completely useless for 99.9% of users, a lot of people (like Snake) are going to assume there is an underhanded motive for it.

        • Sandy Official Reply on 8th Oct, 12 05:10am #

          I guess you are right. Thanks for your input.

  81. rohit on 5th Sep, 12 08:09pm #

    i think Snake99 is a fool or pretending to be (:)

  82. Palo on 12th Sep, 12 02:09am #

    Thanks, it fixed the problem we had with RealPlayer pluggin on our website. Last stable version of FF was 3.6 and now we run ver.15 with no problem.

  83. AJJ on 20th Sep, 12 07:09am #

    Thank you !! Works on FF 15 too !! Silverlight 5 kept freezing constantly, now works perfectly and web browsing has sped up ! Also noticed plug in container was using up to 196,000 – 200,000K Mem ! I was going nuts trying to figure out what kept causing Silverlight to freeze up, and other players to rebuffer.

  84. Hard on 10th Oct, 12 08:10am #

    Thanks Its Works in firefox v16.

  85. George47 on 29th Dec, 12 12:12pm #

    Not sure what version I am using but it doresn’t show any of the dll stuff. I have 3 timeouts instead

    • Sandy Official Reply on 29th Dec, 12 02:12pm #

      You are using Firefox 11. First search if dom.ipc.plugins.enabled is present. If present make sure the value is false. If not present, right click on whitespace, go to New in the menu that appears and select Boolean. Enter dom.ipc.plugins.enabled in the preference name and set value as false. This should do.

  86. Phil on 8th May, 13 10:05pm #

    I entered the change, but now my firefox crashes. I changed back to true and it runs, but still using 90+% cpu. Suggestions? using linuxmint 14.1, cinnamon

  87. Star on 13th Nov, 13 08:11pm #

    20 and above you have to add these in, since they did away with the values and yet these ones are the ones beside flash plugin that cause so much havoc.

  88. Carrol on 19th May, 14 04:05am #

    I have Firefox version 26…what do I do to get rid of the error message Plugin Container for Firefox has stopped working

  89. Wayne on 14th Oct, 15 12:10am #

    I tried to do as directed where you type in the “Filter” field, but there is no such field to type in, so of course it does not work. Anyone know how I get to “Filter” field?

  90. Jason on 19th Oct, 15 05:10pm #

    That is one sick techy trick buddy. Thanks alot. You should write tech manuals. The instructions were simple and easy to follow. Keep it up!!!

  91. Andrew Reinbach on 19th Feb, 16 03:02am #

    I just recently completely reloaded Firefox, so I have the latest version. Flash keeps loading automatically. Trying to follow your direction was impossible because entering About:config didn’t call up dom.ipc.plugins.enabled, or anything like it–just a very long list of preferences. Your step #4 did not appear, so “One preference will appear. Change it’s value from true to false.” did not appear. Thus I couldn’t get to the Boolean View, or enter any new Boolean value.I was also unable to unearth the four preferences to be changed–they didn’t seem to be on the list I got. In sum, About:config didn’t bring up any filter field in which to complete your directions. Can you offer me any advice?
    Thank you
    Andrew Reinbach

    • Sandy Official Reply on 20th Feb, 16 07:02am #

      Thank you for your comment. The problem is Mozilla changes firefox code frequently. The dom.ipc.plugins are no longer used. That means they have removed the option to disable plugin-container from about:config. Don’t know about others, but I don’t like it. That’s why I am using an older version of Firefox. Older version does not necessarily mean that it is bad or new versions are not always better. Sometimes they just load a bunch of features, which you can live without. If you are facing some serious problems, try to switch back to an earlier version of Firefox. Then disable plugin-container by using the above mentioned steps.

  92. Peter on 23rd Sep, 16 10:09am #

    Aha ! Just as I thought I’d found the solution to the horrendous problems plug-in has been causing. dom.ipc.plugins.enabled isn’t in my list either. Plug-in is taking up 4x as much memory as firefox ! I’ve got Firefox V.49
    Thanks for taking the trouble to highlight this.

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