Speed Dial Firefox Add-on

Oct 2, 2010

Want to quickly access all your most visited websites on Mozilla Firefox? What about an Opera style Speed Dial in Firefox? That’d be great, isn’t it? Try Speed Dial Firefox add-on, which allows fast access to your favorite websites by presenting thumbnail views of assigned websites in a new tab. The thumbnails are automatically refreshed in the background and assigned websites can be easily loaded with keyboard shortcuts. So, Speed Dial makes web browsing a lot easier and faster too! 

Speed Dial Firefox Addon

There are different ways to assign a website to a Speed Dial entry. For example, you can add websites from the “Set as Speed Dial” sub-menu in the “Bookmarks Menu”. You can also add websites in the Speed Dial tab by clicking on an unassigned slot and then using the “Add Dial” dialog. To edit an already assigned slot, right click on it and choose “Edit”.

Features of Speed Dial Firefox add-on:

  • Speed Dial tab with thumbnails of currently assigned websites.
  • Different ways to add websites to Speed Dial slots.
  • Multiple addresses can be assigned to a single dial.
  • Add dialog when clicking an unassigned entry.
  • The Speed Dial tab can be loaded automatically in new tabs and windows.
  • Drag & drop reordering of thumbnails.
  • Automatic refresh of thumbnails.
  • Auto load assigned sites by pressing the Control key and the assigned number.
  • Easy to access Toolbar buttons.

Download Speed Dial Firefox add-on:


One Response to “Speed Dial Firefox Add-on”

  1. Brian Clark on 5th Oct, 16 03:10pm #

    At the top of the page is a picture of the speed logo with a + on it

    which can add another speed dial

    Can you tell me where I can get this logo, I know its out there because

    I have it on my other machines, but I cannot remember where I got it,

    I know there are other ways to do this (add a new speed dial that is,

    but I really like this way to do it this way

    Thanks in HOPE

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