Sony VAIO X Series : World’s Lightest Notebook

Oct 10, 2009

Sony recently unveiled the world’s lightest notebook -the VAIO X Series. Packed in a lightweight carbon-fiber chassis, the X Series weighs just 1.6 pounds (with standard battery) and is just over a half-inch thin. Can you believe this? A powerful notebook weighing just 1.6 pounds! The VAIO X Series notebooks boasts industry-leading battery life and will come with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Sony VAIO X Series

Sony VAIO X Series

Sony VAIO X Series features a 16:9 aspect ratio which means you get a wider workspace—all packed into a compact 11.1-inch (diagonal) footprint. The scratch-resistant LCD display utilizes LED backlight technology and is not only durable, but also provides brilliant picture quality with 100 percent color saturation and improved brightness.

The X Series incorporates a solid state drive (SSD), which provides a rapid boot-up and quicker access to applications, while reducing the risk of hard drive damage. It is an ideal feature for those on-the-go who are in situations where sudden movements are common. It’s uniquely configured keyboard is designed with spacing between the keys for a comfortable typing experience. The touchpad features a multi-touch functionality commonly associated with touch-enabled smartphones.

The X Series integrates wireless 3G Mobile Broadband technology provided by Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Built-In, Wi-Fi (802.11n), and Bluetooth wireless technologies. For 3G Mobile Broadband technology, a separate Verizon service subscription is required. The model also incorporates real-time GPS functionality, making it easy to find restaurants, hotels or special sites of interest. It even includes estimated drive times to let you know how far you are from a destination (United States or Canada only). To use that feature, no Internet connection is required in the United States or Canada.

The VAIO X Series notebook will come in two colors, black and gold, and start at about $1,300. It is available for pre-orders today online at It will also be sold at Sony Style stores and select retailers around the country starting next month.

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