Something about File Extension MP4

Mar 22, 2009

Heard about file extension MP4? I am sure most of you do. It is a multimedia container file format normally used to store audio and video streams. It is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14 and besides audio and video it can also store subtitles and images. MP4 also allows streaming over Internet and is now a popular file extension.

MP4 Player

MP4 Player

What is the difference between File Extension MP4 and MP3? Well, MP3 is a popular file extension that stores audio data and is playable on all MP3 players. On the other hand, file extension MP4 stores both audio and video data and general MP3 players can’t play a MP4 file. You need an MP4 player to open such files. Well, if you want to open it on your computer, you can use a media player software that plays different types of file extensions including MP4. For example, VLC Media Player.

You must note that MP4 player is a term used to denote modern portable media players. Most of those MP4 players are simply MP3 players with some ability play AMV video or some other video file formats. But, the fact is that most of those players can’t play File Extension MP4. Keep it in mind before purchasing a MP4 players.

Are you facing problem in opening file extension mp4 on Windows? It might be a problem of Windows Registry. Due to various reasons your Windows Registry may become corrupted and ultimately you will experience frequent system crashes or inability to open certain files extensions. File Extension MP4 may not run in such situation. So, what you gonna do in such a situation? It is recommended that you do a proper scan of your system with an appropriate software such as Driver Detective. In fact, there are many software to help you. Just pick one suitable, scan your computer and update your drivers. Soon you will be able to open File Extension MP4 on your computer.

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