Software Testing in Software Development

Dec 25, 2011

Software testing is an important part of software development. It involves conducting of various tests to find errors and malfunctions in a program. Software testing is a time consuming process and it often results in delay in software delivery or release. Still most software development companies prefer software testing. Even some goes for managed testing services offered by a third party. Why? Because, testing is an integral part of successful software development and deployment. Proper testing and quality control ensures that the newly released application will definitely work as per requirements and standards. Nobody wants to risk their reputation by releasing a buggy, faulty or poor software. Right?

Software Testing

Well, software testing requires additional investments in terms of qualified men power, resources, time and money. This is the fact. For most companies, it is a luxury. But they can’t skip testing too! Then how to get your software tested? The solution here is ‘outsourcing’. Yes, you can hire a qualified firm to do the Quality Assurance (QA) testing for you. One of the main advantages of outsourcing is reduction in overall cost incurred for a particular project. Moreover, a good software testing firm can reduce turnaround time. You can have all your testing work done within a tight schedule.

There are many companies which offer quality assurance and testing services. If you are looking for a good managed software testing service provide, you can try Alliance Global Services. They offer Titanium Managed Testing Services to meet various software testing requirements. Their services are easily to implement and scalable. From functional testing to validating an application’s performance, their service cover all aspects of testing processes. Moreover, their managed testing services support mobile and cloud applications.

Software testing is now a standard protocol followed by most software development companies. If you run a software development company, you must give importance to software testing. With solid QA testing, you’ll be able to release/deliver quality and flawless applications that really works.

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