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Dec 10, 2011

Looking for a way to show off featured content on your WordPress blog? Need a good javascript slideshow or content slider script? If yes, look no further and try SlideDeck, a powerful content slider and jQuery slideshow plugin for WordPress. This plugin comes packed with features that will let you create beautiful, user-friendly and full customizable slideshows in minutes. SlideDeck will not only save your time, but will also take your web presentations to the next level by supporting virtually any content on your web slides.

SlideDeck Content Slider Image

The SlideDeck jQuery Slider is extremely easy to use. It integrates into WordPress admin panel and supports customization without touching any codes. You can quickly create a slideshow with your blog posts or RSS feed items. With the graphical user interface of SlideDeck creation of slide is as easy as writing a blog post. You can add any type of content (image, video, music player and more) in your slides. Other key features of SlideDeck include autoplay function, smart slidedecks, slider mode, CSS customization, custom skins, premium themes, support for vertical slides, touch screen support, mouse control, slide progression API, call back API, etc. The sliders created with SlideDeck are fully search engine friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about risking your SEO efforts while using this incredible jQuery powered content slider.

SlideDeck jQuery Slider WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Easy to setup and customize.
  • Integrated into WordPress admin.
  • Graphical user interface.No coding required.
  • Smart slidedecks from blog posts.
  • Smart slidedecks from RSS feed items.
  • Supports virtually any content.
  • Full CSS customization.
  • SEO friendly slides.
  • Video and photo gallery ready.
  • Slider-only mode.
  • Background image support (PRO).
  • Intuitive mouse control for a good user experience.
  • Beautiful skins or themes for customization.
  • Ability to create vertical slideshow (PRO).
  • Slide progression API.
  • Slide control logic API (PRO).
  • Support for touch interaction.
  • Unbranded (PRO).
  • More…

The SlideDeck WordPress plugin comes in two different versions: SlideDeck LITE and SlideDeck PRO. The Lite version is free and includes almost all the features needed to create a beautiful and fully functional slideshow or featured content slider. On the other hand, SlideDeck PRO is a premium version with some additional features including vertical slides, branding removal and professional support.

There are many JavaScript slideshow or jQuery content slider scripts. But SlideDeck simply stands out in terms of performance and usability. If you are WordPress user, SlideDeck is a must for your. Try it today.

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