Size of Folders in Windows Explorer with Folder Size

Oct 29, 2011

Want to have the ability to view the size of folders in Windows Explorer? Get Folder Size, a free application that adds a new column to the default Windows Explorer details view to show you the sizes of folders and files. The new “Folder Size” column comes handy when you want to view complete size of a directory or the files within a folder. By default, Windows Explorer lacks this feature. You need to hover over a folder or view advanced properties to get the size information. Now with Folder Size, Windows Explorer will not only display the size of files but also the size of folders.

This freeware Windows application scans your hard disk in background and caches folder size information. So, no manual rescanning or updating required. The Windows Explorer will automatically update your folder size information in real-time.

The Folder Size is a free software distributed under GNU General Public License. It was written on C++ and the full source code is available for everyone. Folder Size works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. No support for Vista or Windows 7 yet.

Folder Size Windows Viewer

How to install and setup Folder Size for Windows?

  • Download Folder Size from the download link below.
  • Run the downloaded file to start software installation wizard.
  • Follow the instructions and keep clicking next until the installation is completed.
  • To enable the Folder View column, open Windows Explorer in details view.
  • Right click on the column headers. A list of column options will be displayed. Check the Folder Size option.
  • Now as you have enabled the advanced Folder Size column, you may want to hide default Size column. To do that, simple right click on the column header and uncheck Size from the available options.
  • Your Folder Size column is now ready. To make it available for all folders, go to the Folder Options from the Tools menu in Windows Explorer. Under Folder Options, open View tab and press the Apply to All Folders button.

Download Folder Size for Windows:


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