Sencha Touch : Open Source HTML5 Mobile App Framework

Jul 9, 2010

Sencha Touch is a JavaScript framework for creating Web applications specially for touch devices. With Sencha Touch, you can use your skills to create an elegant and consistent user experience with minimal effort. Sencha Touch utilizes the power of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to provide native-quality application experiences without needing plugins. Sencha Touch is a cross-platform library and it’s initial beta is compatible with iOS and Android.

Sencha Touch App

Sencha Touch comes with a powerful data package. Developers can easily request data from a wide variety of sources whether by Ajax, JSONp, or YQL, bind that data to specific visual components or templates, and then take that data offline with localStorage writers. By leveraging SASS technology, Sencha Touch theming system allows developers to easily change variables and completely alter the presentation of their app. Sencha Touch comes with a robust animation system, allowing easy, flexible animations between screens and views. Slide, pop, and fade animations are included with the library, each with a robust set of options to change attributes like direction and masking style.

Sencha Touch is an open source software and is released under a GNU GPL license v3. There is no commercial licensing at this time. May be later! For more information about Sencha Touch and to download the current public beta, visit the following link:

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