SanDisk Ships 120GB G3 Solid State Drive

Feb 24, 2010

SanDisk has started shipping its SanDisk G3 Solid State Drives (SSD) to retailers in North America and Europe. The 120 GB SanDisk G3 SSD can endure up to 80 terabytes (TB) of data written to it over its lifetime. The flash memory-based SanDisk G3 SSD offers a compelling alternative to a 7,200 RPM Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for those who seek increased durability and performance with high reliability.

SanDisk G3 SSD

The solid state drive uses a smart flash management system called ExtremeFFSTM technology that has the potential to accelerate random write performance and thus extend the endurance of SanDisk G3 SSDs inside computers that use operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. SanDisk G3 SSD is Microsoft Windows 7 certified and is compatible with Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux. The drive also supports the newest Windows 7 TRIM feature, which contributes to a substantial gain in the SanDisk G3 SSD’s performance by allowing the drive to continuously manage its resources and retain optimized performance throughout its lifespan. SanDisk G3 SSD uses no moving parts, enabling improved durability that helps resist drive damage. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

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