RK Launcher : Mac-style Application Launcher for Windows XP

Jul 1, 2010

Want to customize your Windows XP desktop? Want to add a Mac-style task bar (dock) to your Windows XP installation? If yes, get RK Launcher, a free application that will let you replace your Windows taskbar with a pleasing quick launch dock which closely resembles the Mac OS dock. RK Launcher has support for themes and can support docklets made for ObjectDock and Y’z Dock. This free application also mimics the smooth zooming and scrolling effects of the Mac OS X smooth zooming animations. And with the help of a separate plugin you can even add the Aladdin’s Lamp Effect. Need a RK Launcher demo? Take a look at the screenshot below. It is from my desktop.

rk launcher

RK Launcher Features:

  • Zooming: When your move your mouse cursor over the dock, all the icons in your RK Launcher dock will automatically grow. The advantage of zooming is that the user will be able to have a very small strip of shortcuts that virtually take no precious screen space. Only when interaction with RK Launcher is required, the shortcutbar will automatically zoom in to allow users to pick the icon they want.
  • Taskbar: RK Launcher provides an eye-pleasing replacement for the taskbar: whenever a window is minimized, it will automatically be placed on the shortcuts bar and will be represented by a small image of the contents of this window. This way, the user will quickly see which windows are minimized.
  • New Applications: RK Launcher will automatically place a shortcut on the launcher when an application is started for the first time.
  • Customization: All parts of RK Launcher can be fully customized. From the number of icons that gets zoomed on mouseover to the background and icons; users can set it all according to their taste. With support for themes, users can exchange their favorite looks and change the look of the launcher with one click.

In my view RK Launcher is one of the best desktop enhancements available for Windows XP. It is extremely easy to use and the good thing is there is nothing to install or uninstall. Just get the pack from the link below, extract the contents in your hard drive and run the application. That’s it! Your dock will appear immediately. Start adding items to your dock and enjoy one click application launch in style! The default RK Launcher theme is good. But if you want a different one, just search the Internet. There are many cool RK Launcher themes available for free download.

More Info and Download Link: http://home.cogeco.ca/~rklauncher/

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