Restore Deleted or Lost Emails in Yahoo! Mail

Jan 21, 2013

Some or all emails are missing from your Yahoo! Mail account? Or accidentally deleted few important email from your mail account? Wondering how to get back the lost or deleted emails in Yahoo Mail? If yes, read on. Yahoo! Mail offers a helpful e-mail restoration option. Using that one can recover deleted or lost emails and instant messages. But the restore process works only within a time limit, which is 48 hours and no one can guarantee a successful recovery. Still, instead of regretting why not try the available option in hand? More details below.

How emails disappear from Yahoo! Mail?

Due to several reason emails may disappear from your new or old Yahoo! Mail account. Some example situations:

  1. Accidental deletion: Important emails may get deleted while cleaning spam or old e-mails.
  2. Hacked or compromised account: Someone got your password and deleted your e-mail(s).
  3. Deleting email from mobile: The IMAP protocol synchronizes mail account inbox with mobile inbox. In that situation deleting an email from your device, also deletes it from the mail account.
  4. Email deleted from external email client: Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird settings may delete or remove your old emails.

Yahoo! Mail Restore:

In some situation, Yahoo may restore or recover your lost or deleted e-mails and instant messages. The Yahoo! Mail restore process can’t restore any specific email or folder. What it does is actually reverts back your mail account to a time when your lost emails were there. So, you need to provide a time when you last saw the lost mails. And most important thing is, the mail restore option of Yahoo! Mail can restore messages lost or deleted within last 48 hours only. So, you need to act quick for recovering emails by using that process.

After the recovery is completed, messages sent or received after the time you mentioned will vanish from your account. So, it is strongly suggested that you make backup copies of your newer emails or messages before asking for Yahoo! Mail restore.

How to start Yahoo! Mail Restore process?

Before requesting a restore, make sure your emails are really lost and not hidden in some folder or trash.

  1. Open this link to start the Yahoo! Mail Restore process.
  2. Under the option Describe the problem select the most appropriate option for your case.
  3. In the next field select a time frame when your last saw the lost emails.
  4. Then enter your name, Yahoo! ID and email addresses.
  5. Press the Submit button.

Restore Lost Yahoo Emails

What’s next? Yahoo support team will process the request. If possible your mail account will be restored to a state when the now lost emails were there. The time period mentioned in the 3rd step above is important for recovery. Naturally, Yahoo can’t guarantee a success in all cases. But chance of lost e-mail recovery also depends on how fast you act. If you just accidentally deleted one or some of your important emails, request restore within 24 hours. It will increase the chance of getting back your lost messages.

29 Responses to “Restore Deleted or Lost Emails in Yahoo! Mail”

    • Korye on 18th Jan, 16 12:01am #

      Reset my password

      • MARIOS NICOLAIDES on 20th Oct, 19 06:10pm #

        Mail – Accidentally deleted messages on mobile device

    • Riaz Ghafoor on 14th May, 17 11:05am #

      I have lost some of mails of one person only from Inbox as well as from sent box on 12 May,2017 at about 12:30pm. These were important mails and I need to restore them.

      • EricBlumenthal on 13th Oct, 19 03:10pm #

        Lost all emails for 2019

    • Brighgtman on 30th Jun, 20 05:06am #

      restore my missing emails from may 10 2020 to june 22, 2020

  1. Angela George on 11th Mar, 17 07:03am #

    I was on the hunt for some tips on Restore Deleted or Lost Emails in Yahoo! Mail
    and found your site.I really like that you emphasize on Restore Deleted or Lost Emails in Yahoo! Mail
    Actually, I just want to put together an infographic about the same topic. Let me know if you want to check it out and if you like it you can further share it on your blog.

    Hoping to hear you soon !!!

  2. mac0908 on 11th May, 19 01:05pm #

    Ok, I decided tonswitch back to my old yahoo account that was my go to for many years. Its where much legal and family (pics/videos) were saved for future. I didn’t access it for over a year after I forgot email password. Last week I figured it was time to figure things out and I managed to set a new password. Great news?

    Well, no it turned into a nightmare. After opening my yahoo inbox there was not a single email or folder appearing. Many of the important documents and family moments were gone. Does anyone know if yahoo can restore or if another fix is available. Any help truly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    • Glenn on 21st Dec, 19 11:12pm #

      I have lost photos, important messages, and memories back to 2016.

  3. michelle webb on 1st Oct, 19 10:10pm #

    please need to find my email password…have had my email for a long time and I don’t remember my password….I have a new phone number since I have had this email and can’t get my birthdate is 2/4/1966 and I have had this email since 2007…I aN 53 YRS.OLD AND NEED YOU TO HELP ME IN THIS ENDEVOR…..

  4. Shrawan Jyoti Kansakar on 6th Oct, 19 04:10am #

    All my emails in inbox and photos are gone. Can you please restore it.

  5. Jonah lou Timola on 26th Nov, 19 04:11am #

    all of my old emails was deleted . i need those asap .
    please help me to restore it . thank you so much

  6. ida on 18th Jan, 20 12:01am #

    My emails are not visible or I cannot read them. I can only see 8 of them. Please fix.

  7. Ashwin Thakkar on 22nd Jan, 20 01:01pm #

    I want to restore today’s emails received, accidently deleted by me on mobile.

  8. Konstantinos Tsakiris on 17th Feb, 20 07:02pm #

    Lost emails from yahoo

  9. Dawn Swettman on 9th Apr, 20 11:04pm #

    I can’t access my Yahoo email. And my phone number is different so they can’t verify its me..

  10. cynthia jachimowski on 10th Jun, 20 10:06pm #

    my emails were ok yesterday, but today they are all gone. this has never happened before. had a lot of pictures etc. why was everything deleted

  11. santina licata on 11th Jul, 20 03:07pm #


  12. Ruth Marie Larry on 26th Jul, 20 04:07pm #

    Email just disappeared 24 hours ago. Important email. need to have restored.

  13. Cora Carter on 1st Sep, 20 01:09am #

    All of my emails were missing. I did the restore lost emails in yahoo.
    All of my emails were restore except the year 2019 and from 1-1-20 through 8-16-20. I’ve tried to contact yahoo. I’ve gotten no response. What should I do. I have lost of important information in these emails.

  14. Joe Hernandez on 15th Oct, 20 08:10pm #

    Hi, I recently delete important emails by mistake can you please help me restore them from September 2020 I’ll be greatly appreciated thank you .

  15. Leah Mhango on 22nd Oct, 20 10:10am #

    Please help me to restore my emails and documents and pictures attached

    My house got burnt and I lost all information so I had some infoin my emails

  16. Greg Martin on 24th Dec, 20 04:12pm #

    Please restore all emails between July 6th 2020 and Dec 10th 2020. Upgraded to new Rogers ignite tv. When new internet was setup, it deactivated my account and it deleted these email. Account was restored but emails were not.

  17. Teresa Johnson on 24th Dec, 20 08:12pm #

    When I first opened my incoming mails, there were 1,750 unread messages. I tried to response to one of the messages with and attachment but it would not upload. Now, I tried to re open list of all unread messages. I only see 700. What happened? I did not delete any yet. Please help in restoring my emails.

    Thank you

  18. Rhonda Kroll on 17th Jan, 21 08:01am #

    I thought I sent a email but when I looked up I thought I saw it then I looked down at something else and I’m not sure if my finger hit something by mistake but I saw a flash ! Then I looked started looking really good to find were my email had sent and there was nothing at all to find about it !! Not even were it had been sent or rejected !! I don’t know what to do ?

  19. DeniseJeansonne on 28th Jan, 21 03:01pm #

    I accidently deleted my e-mails for 1-28-2021 please help me restore my e-mail

  20. Hitendra on 19th Feb, 21 02:02pm #

    I have lost my emails from year 2010 to May 2020 without any reason. request to pease restore the lost emails in my email box.

  21. Edith Idiata on 28th Aug, 21 09:08am #

    Pls restored all my emails in all mailboxes that suddenly disappeared
    Thank you

  22. Mary Ann Mackachinis on 14th Oct, 21 05:10pm #

    I accidently deleted my e mails today 10/14/21 just about 1 hour ago. I need help to restore them in my in-box. Thank you!

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