How to Remove Avast! WebRep from Browser?

Mar 25, 2012

How to uninstall avast! WebRep? Want to remove avast! WebRep add-on from Firefox? Avast! WebRep is a free service intended to help users by providing reputation or safety scores for  websites. The WebRep now comes as a browser plugin with standard avast! antivirus installation. The browser plugin is automatically installed and activated for each supported browser. If you are an avast! antivirus (version 6.x) user, I’m sure that you are familiar with this feature. Though it’s sole purpose is to help, some users may find WebRep annoying or not useful. This article is for those users, who wants to remove or uninstall avast! WebRep from their browsers.

What is WebRep?

WebRep from avast! is a community powered rating system for web sites. It is intended to improve browsing experience of users by providing reputation information on site they visit. Avast! WebRep now comes as browser plugin, which is automatically added to supported browsers when you fresh install or update your avast! antivirus software.

The WebRep visually indicate the trustworthiness of a page by using colored indicator bars (green, orange, red and gray). Here, green means Good reputation, orange means average reputation, red means bad reputation and gray means unrated. The indicator bars are displayed on top-left corner of your browser window. The indicators also appear next to each links on particular sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. Clicking on the colored WebRep indicator opens a pop-up windows with detailed information about community rating for that site. There you can also add your own rating or vote.

Remove Avast WebRep

Need to remove WebRep?

Avast! WebRep is a harmless browser extension which gets installed when you install/update avast! But what if you want to remove it? There is no uninstall option in Firefox add-ons manager. You can enabled or disable it, but you can’t uninstall it. Then, how to remove WebRep Firefox add-on? Don’t worry! It is easy to remove WebRep from Firefox or other web browsers. Follow the simple steps below.

Steps to remove Avast WebRep from Firefox:

  1. Open avast! user interface.
  2. Go to Additional protection section in the sidebar.
  3. Select Browser Protection option. Browsers installed on your computer will be listed there.
  4. Press the uninstall button against Firefox.
  5. An information window will appear with the following message: “Are you sure you want to uninstall the avast! browser plugin?” Select Yes from the two options.
  6. Another information window will appear stating that avast! browser plugin has been successfully uninstalled and you should restart your browser. Close the information window and restart your browser.
  7. That’s it! Avast! WebRep add-on is gone! To confirm, check Firefox add-ons manager.

That was easy. Wasn’t it? Now to remove WebRep browser plugin from other web browsers (if any) on your computer, simply repeat the process from step 4 for each browser. For help, refer the screenshot above.

Note: Avast! WebRep is not a bad plugin. It can help you stay away from potentially harmful websites, specially when your are using search engine to find and visit unknown sites. So, my opinion is that you must not remove or uninstall WebRep from your browsers.

4 Responses to “How to Remove Avast! WebRep from Browser?”

  1. Soloman on 1st Jun, 12 02:06am #

    how do you remove the WEBREP files?

  2. oh avast what have you done on 26th Dec, 12 12:12am #

    except its not gone

  3. Simon on 18th Feb, 13 08:02am #

    Dear Sir/Madam
    The problem with WebRep is that you get the following message added to the end of your emails:
    WebRep Overall rating This site has no rating (not enough votes)

  4. de on 10th Nov, 14 02:11am #

    I opened Avast and there is no “Additional protection”

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