ReminderFox : Reminders and To-Do list manager for Firefox

Jun 22, 2010

Do you find it difficult to remember all you important dates? Need a handy reminder tool? Looking for a Firefox to-do list manager? If yes, try ReminderFox, a simple yet versatile reminder application for Firefox. Once installed, ReminderFox makes sure you remember all of your important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, bills, etc) via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarms. And the good point is it works right in your web browser and there is no need to use separate calendar programs.


ReminderFox adds an icon to Firefox, a ribbon tied into a reminder-knot. By default this icon is shown in the browser status bar. You can easily change the location of the ribbon via the options. The ribbon will show any current reminders for the day. Hovering over the ribbon will show a snapshot of your upcoming reminders and ToDo’s. Right-clicking on the ribbon icon will bring up a list of available context menu options. From there you can go to the ReminderFox options as well as a number of other operations. Double-clicking the icon brings up the Reminder list. Reminders have a number of different options such as description, notes, date, time, repeat, show alarm popup etc.

With ReminderFox, you can set alarms to show up on or before an event occurs. At the specified time an alarm dialog will pop up. When there is an alarm, you can acknowledge the alarm or select a number of other options from the pull-down menu. Alarm options include acknowledge, snooze, mark as complete, delete and open. To be reminded of something that will happen shortly, you can create a Quick Alarm via the status bar icon’s context menu. There is a separate tab for To-Do items in ReminderFox. You can use it for tasks that may or may not have a specific start date or completion date. You can modify ToDo items by right-clicking on them to bring up the context menu.

There are many other options in ReminderFox that makes it a powerful reminder application for Firefox. To discover all the features of ReminderFox add-on, follow the link below and add it to Firefox.

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