Lost Web Form Data Recovery with Lazarus Firefox Add-on

Nov 30, 2010

Ever lost a form, email or article just after pressing the submit or save button? Loosing online form data and text due to a temporary issue such as lost connection, server error or a browser crash is quite common. In such a situation, many of us would wonder if there’s a way to recover lost form data? Is it really possible to get back lost form data or text on a web browser? Yes, it is possible. If you are using Firefox web browser, there’s a nice add-on to come handy in such situations. The add-on is called Lazarus and it offers a nice way to recover lost forms and text.

How Lazarus work?

How actually Lazarus Firefox add-on works? Well, the idea is simple. The add-on saves your form data as you type. Later when you need to recover a lost form data, simply access the saved forms from right-click context menu. Lazarus can save data from web forms, comment boxes and even WYSIWYG editors. When active, this application saves every possible form that you use on your browser. But you can also opt to disable Lazarus on certain sites by clicking in the status bar and selecting “Disable Lazarus on this site” option.

Lazarus application saves all data inside an SQLite database in your computer. It uses RSA and AES hybrid encryption to save the data. By default the saved data remains there indefinitely. But you can set it to remove them periodically.

Lazarus Form Recovery

How to recover form data with Lazarus?

So, you have Lazarus running and now want to recover a form? That’s easy! Go to the specific page where you lost your form data and right click in one of the fields. From the context menu select “Recover Form”. This amazing software will recover the previously saved data and will automatically fill the field. Lazarus also has a nice search and recover feature, which you can use to find text even when the original text box is no longer available.

Customization or options:

For ease in customization and maintenance, Lazarus comes with a control panel. The control panel can be accessed from right-click on the status bar icon. For privacy and safety of your data, this Firefox add-on offers several security options. For example: you can set it to remove saved data after a certain period or ask for a password to restore forms. There’s also an option to remove all saved forms at the press of a button. You can even disable indexing of your data for future search. Other options available in the Lazarus control panel include show icon in status bar, show text in menu, show saved time in menu, save passwords, and show restore notification.

Form data recovery:

Imagine a situation like this: you just filled up a form and when you press the submit button, everything is gone. Be it network issues, server error, system problems, or human mistakes, form data can be lost due to various reasons. I’m sure that everyone of us experienced something like that in past. Yes, if you were filling your name in a form, it will take just a few seconds to retype. But what if it was a large form or a long important e-mail? Definitely that will make you upset or angry. That’s where form data recovery comes handy. Now with a tool like Lazarus, you won’t have to worry a little about such incidents. A few clicks and you are once again ready to submit your form.

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  1. Mark Johnson on 24th Apr, 14 04:04pm #

    Nice, Add-On for FireFox…I simply hate it when I have to re-enter everything back because there was an error somewhere along the line. This will save me time and headache. Thanks.

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