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Jul 18, 2010

With Read It Later Firefox add-on you can easily save web pages of interest to read later. You can save web pages for future reading with just one click and later, when you have time, you can access your reading list from any computer or from a mobile phone. This feature will save your time, specially when you are busy. You can even access your favorite content without an Internet connection. This feature can help you enjoy your favorite content when you are in airport, train or in an remote area with no Internet connectivity. So, Read It Later is a good productivity tool that you may want to add to your Firefox web browser.

Firefo Read It Later

Features of Read It Later Firefox Extension:

  • One click saving with a button in the Firefox address bar.
  • Offline reading mode for reading your items without an Internet connection.
  • ‘Save All Tabs for Later’ option for saving every open page to your Reading List.
  • Click to Save Mode for creating a reading list just by clicking on interesting links.
  • Access your list from multiple computers and even non-Firefox browsers.
  • Start where you left. This tool remembers your position in each article.
  • Converts any page to an optimized text-only view by removing ads, images etc.
  • Bookmark or share your pages when done reading.
  • Save directly to your reading list from Google Reader.
  • Easily edit and organize you items with tags.

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