razorCMS : Flat File No Database Open Source CMS

Jun 27, 2010

There are different types Content Management System (CMS) for different requirements. Sometimes situation demands that you use a simple script that is easy to use and and even easier to manage. If you are looking for a simple CMS, you can try razorCMS, a free PHP open source CMS. The main feature of razorCMS is it’s flat file structure. Yes, razorCMS is a flat file CMS and you don’t need a database to use it. This feature makes razorCMS suitable for all kinds of web hosts. You can even use it with free web hosting services without any problems.


This flat file Open Source CMS is suitable for building small to medium web sites. Installation is easy. razorCMS comes with a simple, fast and security conscious installer. After installing the core system, you can add extra functionality via various blade packs (add-ons). From WYSIWYG editors to search engine friendly URLs, you can add various functionality with the help of the blade pack system.

Features of razorCMS:

  • Flat file CMS. No database required.
  • Small and fast footprint.
  • Simple, fast and security conscious installer.
  • Modular framework.
  • Support for multilingual translations.
  • Multiple info-bar content displayed on single page.
  • Multi level menus.
  • External links in link menus.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Blade pack system for additional functionality.
  • Maintenance mode during site maintenance.
  • Security check for file permissions.
  • Easily publish or un-publish content.
  • Full file manager. View, edit, copy, rename, move, delete files and folders.
  • Multiple theme control. Set up to 4 themes for your web site.
  • Simple backup manager. Create, manage, remove and restore backups.
  • Simple settings manager for changing non vital site settings.
  • Three user accounts with varying levels of access.
  • Automatic invalid login check. Blocks invalid logins by IP address after 8 failed attempts.
  • And much more.

razorCMS is available under the GPLv3 licence. You can download the razorCMS CORE system from here: http://www.razorcms.co.uk/core-system.htm

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