Protective iPhone Skins

Feb 19, 2009

Recently I got an Apple iPhone as a gift. I must admit that it is a cool and useful phone. Wait! I am not going to write an iPhone review here. Because, now a days everyone is aware about iPhone and I am sure that you know about it better than me! So, don’t worry. I just want to say that this cool, new gadget got some scratches when I accidentally hit a rough surface. It was in my pocket and without any protective case or skin.

iPhone Skins

iPhone Skins

Only after this accident, I realized that this kind of delicate and beautiful devices needs some extra protection. One of my friend advised me use an iphone case as soon as possible. Well, his idea was great. But I wanted to use something that preserves the original look of a device while offering protection against scratches and minor accidents. So,

Thanks God, the invisibleSHIELD is here. ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD is a high quality, transparent film that can be used to cover electronic gears like mobile phones, iPods, PDAs etc. This 0.2 mm thick military grade film offers scratch-free protection and it is virtually impossible to destruct, unless you want to remove it completely. I came to know about this product from a friend of mine. He is using it as iphone skin and on all other electronic devices. His feedback was extremely positive. So, I have decided to use it on my devices too.

This incredible product comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and the price is also reasonable. For example, the invisibleSHIELD for Apple iPhone 3G costs just $24.95 (full body coverage). I am sure that one can easily afford it for protection a costly device such as iPhone. It is not only iphone skins or iphone covers, ZAGG also offers this protective film for gaming devices, digital cameras, PDAs, watches and even laptops.

So, with the help of invisibleSHIELD you will be able to make your electronic device scratch-proof without compromising with the look and feel. And it never adds any extra weight or bulkiness to your device. In fact, it improves surface grip and decreases the chances of accidental fall from your hand. I have already seen it in action on my friend’s iPhone and now I am going to get it soon. What you think about it? Is it not an essential product?

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