Create Single PDF from Web Pages with Print Pages to PDF

Mar 17, 2012

Want to create PDF files from web pages? Yes, there are already many tools to for PDF creation. But now a Firefox add-on called “Print Pages to PDF” gives you the ability to create single PDF from all your open browser tabs, bookmarks and if installed, from your Scrapbook (Plus) pages too! With this tool you can increase productivity. It will save you from a lot of typing, specially when your creating a document by studying content on various web pages. Simply collect you resource pages and use this add-on to create a single PDF from multiple web pages or bookmarks. The documents created with this Firefox add-on is just like any other PDF document. It can be archived, sent via e-mail or printed out using any standard PDF viewer program.

Print Pages to PDF offers some handy options to customize your PDF. For example: you can change paper size, modify margins, add header & footer, customize outlines etc. Web pages can be selected from the Context menus at Bookmarks, Web page and Scrapbook list. The functions can also be accessed via the Extra Menu entry or a Toolbar button. You can also drag and drop your bookmarks, open tabs and links into the open add-on window. Moreover, you can edit the content on a web page before creation of your PDF. This feature will let you remove unwanted portions (such as images, advertisements etc) from a page and get a clean & usable PDF file.

Print Pages to PDF Demo

What about privacy? Does Print Pages to PDF sends your content over Internet for PDF creation? The answer is NO. For PDF creation, this Firefox add-on utilizes open source wkhtmltopdf library. It creates PDF locally on your computer. So, no need to worry about privacy. Get Print Pages to PDF today. Follow the download link below to install it from official Firefox Add-on page.

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