Powerbook Medic : Repair and Upgrades for Apple products

Mar 14, 2009

Facing some problem with your Macbook, iBook, and Powerbook? Want to upgrade your Powerbook, but don’t know whom to ask or from where to buy a part? Take a look at Powerbook Medic, an online store that offers repair and upgrade services for Apple products like MacBook, iPods, Powerbook, iBook, iMac etc.

Apple Macbook

Apple Macbook

Powerbook Medic offers a wide range of services including installations, repairs, upgrades, manuals, and parts. So, be it a Macbook Pro Memory upgrade or a hard drive installation, you can always expect to get quality products from them. You can access their online store at powerbookmedic.com, which is a very user-friendly website. Just go to your specific category, pick the service you want, add it to your shopping cart and go to check out. They offers same day shipping for orders placed before 12:00PM CST and the good thing is all of their parts comes with an extra 60 days warranty besides any manufacturer warranties.

Their site also contains some free guides. For example, 17 inch Macbook Pro Manual, Powerbook G3 Manual, 14 inch iBook Manual etc. You can use those guides to learn something more about your products and how to disassemble them for self repair.

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